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[2004-07-05 @ 12:17 p.m.]

Sometimes people make me soooo mad.

Okay, first off, yesterday was the fourth of July, the date of independence for America. We usually eat hotdogs and talk about baseball and watch fireworks on the fourth. I actually went to a theme park and watched Cirque De Soleil. I guess that makes me special.

On the third my friend, Amanda (I know about five other Amandas, Amandas with the same middle name as me, too), had a Fourth of July party (yes, on the third of July). She tried to organise a string quartet to play at her party for some cash, and I played the cello for her. Well, we didn't have a second violin (we had two firsts, her being one of them), nor did we have any violas, both having forgotten or disappeared. So, she called up all the violas and seconds she knew, and some showed up, but none of the violas had music, and the second was waaaay out of practice. But we played "Pirates of the Carribean" together anyway. We sounded terrible. It was dark, wet, we were all off, we just didn't do well. But it was in front of parents, so no one seemed to care. Then just Amanda and I played Elton John's "Your Song", and we did fantastically ('cept in the middle of the song my music flew up and I couldn't play). Other than that, it was a relative blast and lahdihdah!

So, yesterday we went to Busch Gardens, the one in Williamsburg about an hour away. I recommend that anyone who visits Virginia go to Busch Gardens, it's one of the best theme parks ever created. It revolves around European countries, so it's oodles of fun. Anyway, it started raining when we got there, so we all donned our nifty-keen tarp-ish plastic thingamajigs and tried to stay dry. We saw the O'Sullivan Castle up in the front row (there's no point in doing anything if you're not up in front) in "Ireland", and that nasty fake little leprechaun came out again, only this time his accent was a lot worse and he sounded more like a surfer than an Irishman, so I made fun of him loud enough so he could hear me (it's a mechanical thing that can hear people talk and respond as they walk by). Then we waited out the rain as well as we could in shops and stuff, walking through Italy and Germany. We ate dinner early in the Festhaus while the dancers were dancing to oompa-music on the big dais, and I got Mum the wrong dinner (I meant to get her corned beef, and I got her a yucky German platter), and dad spilled a drink all over the food while he was carrying it past the dancers and he cursed and made a bunch of little kids scared and that was fun (not). Then some weird band of all guys started playing and shaking their hips, they had to have felt kinda silly.

Then the storm started. There was lightning and thunder, and the whole park is full of water rides and rivers and bridges and trees, so everyone was freaking out and leaving. But we stuck it out. We rode the bumper cars and stuff. As soon as the storm passed and the rides started again, the lines were amazingly short, so we rode Roman Rapids twice and got soaked (proving the idea of staying dry in the rain kind of pointless). Then we rode Escape from Pompeii and got even wetter. Anyway, the whole point of staying was for one thing, to be summed up in three words: Cirque De Soleil.

If only you knew. If only you could see my brother and I every Sunday evening parked in front of the television, eyes glued to the set just to see Solstrom from Cirque De Soleil, maybe you'd understand why we were so excited to see it. About a half an hour early we sat down in the very front row (again, no point in doing anything if you're not in the front row). It. Was. So. COOL! There were the wing dancers and the chair balancers and the gymnast pyramid things, I was so excited to finally see it live. Just fantastic. As soon as it ended I made all the clowns laugh by stomping my feet while I clapped, and I didn't even think to stand up and start the standing ovation. But I didn't have time because the fireworks had started, and we were transfixed just seeing how big they were. There was a second showing of Cirque so we ran to get some good seats again so this time we could stand up to clap at the end (we all felt really bad, because they deserved a standing ovation), but our original seats were taken. We ran to the other side of the stange to the front row (there's no point in doing anything if you're not in the front row) where there were some empty seats. In the row there were about four people. Two seats were very carefully saved with two jackets and a teddy bear on top of one. There were only two seats empty, so I put my jacket on two empty seats behind me for Mum and Dad, and Ben and I took the two clearly empty seats (I was sorta jumping up and down to see it again). Well, the people came back who owned the jackets, and there were three of them for two seats, and they started looking at us kinda rudely. Some lady behind us said, in an extremely mean tone, "Honey, those seats were taken."

Uhh, no, they weren't. Seems to me that if someone took the time to carefully mark two seats for themselves, they would have just as carefully marked the third. But these people were looking at me like I had thrown a jacket aside to sit there. So I was just distraught and wanted to hit the woman and all the people around me for talking to me like a floggin' infant, but instead we all just left. They must have felt good about themselves, but they would have felt better had I spoken up.

Usually I speak up.

So, beyond that, I get to go back in two weeks anyway with my mum (my brother will be going with a diabetes group). We're gonna sit in the front and stomp our feet, stand up, and I'm going to b****slap anybody who tells us to move.

Moral of the story: you can be as happy as you possibly can be, and there's always someone to tear you down.

And today's quote is from Seinfeld.

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