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[2004-10-17 @ 4:28 p.m.]

Ahh. Life... is long, isn't it? Well, I've gotten barely ANY work done on my applications, but today I had a lot to do. Last night I drew two models of the French float design, one to scale (one inch equalled one foot), and I found it worked best at 8 and a half feet tall, thirteen feet wide. The other was just a little one I could carry in my pocket. On the scaled one, I used really cheap water colours just to remind myself where certain colours went, but since they were so cheap, they sort of rubbed around, and now the entire paper is pink (because the red from the mill smeared onto the white paper). But I worked out all the measurements of it, and all the mechanics, so we should be able to make it all work loverly-ly. *sigh* Thank heaven. I'd hate to be the one to screw things up. I heard Mag Frat and Aquilla Onyx are doing a pirate theme... what, are they stupid? This homecoming's theme is Broadway! I can't wait to point and laugh at all those popular (but annoyingly dumb) kids! French Club is SO going to have the BEST float there. We'll be nerds, but, heck, we'll be the best nerds there are.

And Nicole Kidman SO stole my skintone for that movie. And my hair-colour. If she were about three feet taller, she would have stolen my height, too. Well, it makes me feel better about being so pale... did I already talk about this? Well, I really have to see that entire movie now. I always watch the part where Ewan McGregor sings "All You Need is Love" (uhh, amazing voice, anyone?), and that Russian guy sings "Roxanne" while Nicole Kidman's character cheats on the lovely Ewan McGregor's character. I always hated that one song, though, the pop-remake song by Pink, Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, and... who else? It's like trying to remember all of the Marx brothers, I suppose. I wish I could sing... I bet I could if I had the lessons to back me up...

I don't know why, but I feel *ultra* depressed. I shouldn't, I know, I've a lot to be thankful for. Garsh, maybe it's just my period (I can feel it coming, I'm sure you care about my PMS issues), but I feel just icky. Like I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. It could be all the sudden stress. Four clubs this year and counting, community work to do, applications and deadlines to consider (and that admissions counselour to cry over... I mean, I know everything is done by committee, but she's got a lot of power), Orchestra test tomorrow (that I just practised two hours for, that's dedication), Chem test Tuesday, homework... and an overdue library book. Ack! I forgot all about that one! Great. See? I'm a wreck! My nerves are so fried I think one sudden noise will cause me to break. I guess it's a good thing I live in the 'burbs, away from hunting gun shots. Just as long as no one rings the doorbell. But there's something else worrying me... I don't know what, though. I can't figure it out. It must be some buried subconcious thing suddenly manifesting itself in crisis. I wish it would go away so I'd stop snapping at everyone, and stop being so inconsiderate towards others.

Whew. I dunno. It's almost time to find out my new SAT scores... I'm gonna check the site just in case I'm missing any deadlines... hold up, there, folks... AHHH! I forgot to sign up totally for the upcoming SAT 2. Which means I have to wait ANOTHER FLOGGIN' MONTH TO FINISH EVERYTHING! I thought I finished it! Great. Now I have to take my Writing SAT in December. Do you understand what that's gonna do to me? Okay, okay, okay, Amanda, calm down, calm down, I can still get it all done in time. Okay, I'm going to count November as a break month, then. I can take a break for simply studying. And Columbia can just GET OVER IT. Alright, okay, it'll be fine.

See? I'm going to explode.

I need chocolate before PMS kills me. Would you believe that chocolate actually reduces the symptoms of stress and mood-swings in hormonal girls? Well, it's true. And once a month I crave it. I actually think I'm suffering from pyka, an iron deficiency, too, because I keep wanting to eat the strangest things. Like chalk or sand or ice cubes. The ice cubes are the only things available to me, and it's great for taking out my aggressions, numbing my tastebuds, and destroying my teeth (it actually loosens my jaw, because I clamp my teeth together while I sleep [because of stress] so badly it takes awhile for me to be able to talk the next morning). I learned this from my mum, isn't it cool that she knows so much about this stuff? I wish I did, maybe I'd be healthier.

I should go eat a chocolate and take a vitamin. And drink some water. And do my homework. And flippin' chill out. Maybe I could paint my toenails pink, that always helps. Too bad it's getting cold outside, and I shouldn't wear sandles. I still do, though, ones with heels, too.

I had other stuff to talk about... I forgot what, though. My brother's dressing up as an Irish immigrant for school tomorrow. I let him borrow everything Irish I own except for my claddagh. I wear that everywhere, even if the stone is peridot and sometimes doesn't match what I'm wearing. I always wear my claddagh (crown towards my heart, not the heart towards my heart, look it up if you don't know what that signifies) on my middle finger on my left hand, and my class ring (it doesn't really matter which way I wear that, since it has no symbolism) on my ring finger on my right hand. But, I digress, he took my shillelagh (which is technically an old Irish weapon [now used as a walking cane], so how he thinks he's getting into school with it is beyond me), the old Kennedy Bible, a bunch of green books about our ancestors, an old Celtic Cross (though the Celts never had crosses, but we won't get into that), and a silver pin that's in the design of an elaborate Celtic Knot. Phew... and a sheet to wrap it all up in. He'd better take good care of all that stuff! Oh, and he took my tin whistle too, and my hat. I even sewed him a pouch to carry the whistle in, because I love playing it, and I don't want it to get beaten up.

Whoa. Proud of my heritage much? Well, I suppose it's an Irish thing. I guess I'd better go. This has been a boring entry!

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