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Oh, why the long face? Oh, yeah, genetics.
[2004-10-18 @ 5:10 p.m.]

YAY! I'm finally starting to perk up. I got a letter in the mail from the American University in Paris! AHHH! So COOL! I'm almost 100% sure they're affiliated with Columbia University (as Columbia was even mentioned in the letter), so if I ever decide to faire mes etudes (study) abroad, everything will work out smoothly. I may have found my fifth college to apply to, also, which is waaaay cool. All my colleges are kind of iffy, though. I mean, they're all really revered schools. Who's to say that I'd be accepted into any? I should have a fallback college, the traditional one being Florida State (no offense to any attendees or alumni, it's the truth!). But I don't want to live in Florida. They've got big roaches there. The ones in New York aren't as big, I hear. The roaches in Virginia are small, but icky just the same. My area has this infestation of water beetles that are the same size and shape of cockroaches, but they bite and hurt. And they need water to survive. They're actually called Toebiters in some places, but they get really bad in the summer, and invade the best of the houses in the area. Even that one rich buy... what's his name? Pat Robertson! He lives, like, a block away from me. And he apparently tithes, because his house is huge.

See, that's what I don't get. Mother Teresa lived in poverty her entire life, with nothing but the clothes on her back, and still people accuse her of being treacherous to the Christian faith, while Pat Robertson lives in a mansion twelve times the size of my house, and he's nothing but revered. Though, he does do some great things for the world, and that we should all be thankful for. (Really, I'm just trying to prevent being struck by lightning right now). Still, I like to see people who give what they can.

That's what I'd like to do, when I become fabulously rich! YAY! I wanted to go into Religious studies for awhile, but to become a pastor, I wouldn't reach out to too many people. Look at Mel Gibson, and how many people he touched with The Passion! I'd rather do something like that. ...Angelina Jolie. Can't stand her. She's absolutely insane. But she basically lives off a quarter of her income and donates the rest to Cambodia. Bono, nothing less than an Irishman (thank you very much!), was even considered for a Nobel Prize. I mean, that's something pretty spectacular. I'd rather be an example for a lot of people than a few, even if it means braving the evils of Hollywood. *sneers*

What was I talking about before that ill-timed tangent? OH! Bush is ahead by four percent. I've noticed that CNN is really liberal, and Fox really conservative, so if you take the results and observations of both, add them, and then divide by two, you've got the hard-core truth. Though, I tend to think Fox is just telling it like it is, because they do sometimes condemn the President. Of course, they shouldn't even give their opinions at all. But the reporters on CNN are very much partisan. Don't even tell me they aren't, because I've got a million examples to back up my case. And when it comes to NBC, don't EVEN get me started. Especially on Katie Couric (dramatic reverb). I don't care if she's perky. She's annoying, partisan, opinionated, and a terrible questioner. (Eg. A man's son just died in a terrible accident. "So, how does your son's death make you feel?" Well, Katie, how do you think he feels? Psh.) (That was a true example, too.)

Well, that's why I watch Good Morning America now. Though it's really no better. When the elections are over, I won't have to rip my hair out over the media. Unless John Kerry wins. Then I'll blame that on the media, itself. But, keep in mind, after the debates, whichever candidate is ahead in the polls traditionally wins. That means Bush, my friends! Though, there is always that 4% margin of error on the Gallop Polls. Which, by the way, I learned about in Gov't class. FUN!

I finally got out my recommendation sheets to my teachers. Neither seemed overly joyed to hear that they had a week to complete it, but, hey, complain about it to the admissions counselour. Not me! Oh, college is going to be fun, isn't it? You know, there's always this strange untangible drawback to my school of choice. It's a really good school, it fits me well, but I feel like I'm going to have to step up the pretentiousness a bit to keep up with the class. I'm too self-depricating (and I'm really not very self-depricating at all, to tell the truth) to keep up with the liberal arts studies. Though, I've read and studied most of the material, so I'll probably stay ahead. Freud, Montesque, Locke, Plato... Easy peasy. But there's something about it... I can't quite put my finger on... My dad attends a lot of the meetings (on behalf of his branch of the school) for acceptance, and he tells me the entire school is based heavily on money. A lot of the applications they worry about are the ones that they get the most money out of. See, they pay for a lot of tuition for a lot of students, but the cost is $41,000 a year. I can guarantee you that that cost isn't nearly as low as it should be, but there are always kids that are going to be able to pay it. They'll be accepted, of course, but won't be a majority. I heard, not through my dad, that the alumni pay the college quite a bit of cashola to pay for students, which is probably why they do it. The reason my dad told me about the money thing is because if I don't go there, half my tuition anywhere else is half paid by Columbia. It's a lot cheaper to give me full-ride there. So, my grades are perfect for the college acceptance rates, and the monetary issues work in my favour (with the ever present fact that if I don't get it, my dad will probably quit, and he's really holding the whole Earth Observatory together). He could always go work for Harvard!

Kidding! I've got Lion Spirit, yes I do! I want to join all the clubs when I get there, and try out for actual teams (archery, of course!). And I want to make a lot of good friends, and have a nice roommate, and when I'm a senior and I've made a lot of friends, I want one of the suites for nine people so we can all share a room! And I want to be in the orchestra, and... EVERYTHING! It'll be great, because everything's in one central, tight-knit location (a beautiful location, no less), and it'll be easier to get involved than asking my mum for a ride every day!

Speaking of which, I skipped out on the Orchestra meeting (oops), and Student Leadership, because today is a bad day for my mum. My dad, in short, is mean. What's new? When she gets her degree, I hope she gets a really good job and is able to live wherever she wants with whomever she wants. Which she should have been able to do a long time ago. She deserves a lot more than she's got (especially as far as I'm concerned, I'm such a bad kid...), and one day I'm gonna make it up to her. I'll buy her the biggest house in all of Ireland! Oooh, I'll buy back the old family castle in Ireland, turn it from the hotel it is now to the best house/castle ever! And build a pub next door to have a pint of Guiness every morning, noon, and night. Actually, I'm pretty sure there's already a pub next door... but, meh, what'll it hurt to have two? The more, the merrier! Or maybe I'll just inherit the castle. I think that all of the Kennedys in the world will have to die first, but, it could happen!

Gotta go, toodle-oo!

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