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[2004-11-12 @ 3:33 p.m.]

Well, well. It's finally sock weather 'round these here parts.

See, I hate wearing shoes, 'specially around the house, I prefer to go barefoot. Even in the freezing cold of the morning. I'd rather risk hypothermic toes than be caught in slippers, even my cute fuzzy mouse ones. But, a couple of months of every year, I have to wear socks. It came early this year! Usually it's not until December, but this time it's mid-way through November.

Which reminds me! I have to fill out the rest of my college applications. I'll figure out all that tomorrow, though, because today's a Friday off. A Friday without school. And it's not nearly as depressing as Veteran's Day, it's only a Teacher's Work Day. As a matter of fact, it makes me happy to think that my teachers have to work and I get to sit at home and do nothing. In socks, of course.

But I do! I do have to do something! I have to clean. Today we got our new refridgerator (Amana, everytime I see the name on the door of it, I think it's my own name, but I'm still an inch taller than it!), black to match our dishwasher. Our old one was about twenty years old and an eggshell white, this one looks like a big, blackhole. It's a side-by-side, with an ice-dispenser with crushed or cubed (and I'm all over the crushed, I'll tell you that much right now), and water, of course. But Virginia tapwater may as well be from Mexico, it's that unhealthy, despite the filters. And no offense to any Mexicans.

I'm not sure that the Spanish used in my title is correct, but it's what my brother said to use. So, if it's wrong, blame him! He's good at Spanish so far, in his first year. He takes after me in the foreign language department (coughpoorkidcoughcough). His pronunciation in spiffy, too, as far as I can tell. Of course, all I know is "Yo quiero Taco Bell." And I think it might have something to do with tacos, but I'm not quite sure... yet. Oh, and the University of America in Paris sent me some more stuff today, YAY! And University of Virginia sent me a card to their science discussions, but I like science about as much as wearing socks, so I doubt that I'll go. But I love UVa!

We got back our car today, it cost much less to fix than my mum thought. And now we won't die in a fender-bender due to the lack of my dad's concern. Well, it's another of his plans foiled. What'll he do next, I wonder? Come home thinking he has HIV, making my mum go with him to get tested, but not bother to wash his hands when he gets out of the bathroom before he handles our food? Oh, wait, that's already happened. Never mind. He tested negative, by the way, but that was a year or so ago, so who knows now?

But I'll tell yah what, all of these people being nice to me suddenly, they give me hope that there can be nice people in the world. There can be healthy human relationships. The world isn't just full of people like my dad. Thanks, everybody! I needed it!

I should probably get back to cleaning... I've got a pile of books and stage makeup beside the chair in the living room that needs to all go up into a pile beside the chair in my bedroom. I wish I had had forewarning about the refridgerator's arrival this morning. Sears delivered it 3 hours earlier than expected. I was still in my Mickey Mouse pajamas, for heaven's sake! The livingroom definitely wasn't clean, nor was the kitchen... but it's all taken care of now! YAY! And tomorrow my brother's matress comes... and I have to sell apples. I might end up eating more than I sell... I can't be trusted!

Oh! And I forgot to mention that I wanted to see Sideways for its dialogue. And Michael Moore Hates America, because America hates Michael Moore (huh?). Well, he is the spawn of Satan. Oh! And today's title is from Fairly Oddparents. Because it's a very funny show. I'm seventeen years old, by the way, but it's a very, very funny show.

Oh! And Chris is off The Apprentice! Woohoo!

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