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Isn't we supposed to be having a FIESTA?!?
[2004-11-13 @ 3:48 p.m.]

*yawn* I've been so tired lately! Just sleep, sleep, sleep... and eat. All I do. It's going to make me fat, this sudden unhealthy food binge I've gone off on. From now on, nothing but fruit and vegetables and such things for me. No chocolate!

Though, chocolate is good for you. But I don't think caramel and nuts and granulated sugar mixed in is very good for you, so I shouldn't be pigging out (*oink oink*) on candy bars. Ce n'est pas bon pour la santé.

Speaking of French, the apple sale went well. I suppose. People didn't seem too keen on me walking around the school screaming "APPLES! POPCORN! CIDER!" at the top of my lungs. The band geeks hated me taking their raffle-ticket buyers at the front door (how is it my fault that it's so cold outside that everyone wants hot apple cider?). One lady selling glassware actually told us to shut up. Which made me really unhappy, because I was carrying a tray, it's not like I was sitting in front of a table. Well, life is like that sometimes. Because often in life one has to carry a tray of caramel apples, popcorn balls, spiced apple cider, and face the adversity of old women selling glass.

And I couldn't help but think, "Those poor people on the Apprentice... how do they manage?" It's horribly discouraging to have rude people brush by and just yell, "Not interested." A smile and a nod is better than that. *sigh* But, one has to remain polite, which is even worse.

But I feel really tired. At first I was just light-headed, and I thought it was just because I was yelling so much, but now I'm just so tired I almost fell asleep in the aisles of the grocery store. And then I bought nasty Moomentum milk. I mean, it was a day expired, and tasted like poo (not that I've ever tasted poo, but I imagine that the spoiled milk resembled the taste of poo) (I just like to write poo, it's so immature), so I put it outside of the car door before my mum drove off. Some kid's gonna have to pick it up off the pavement and throw it away. Well! That's what they get for selling me a bad miniature bottle of milk!

I'm in such a malevolent mood.

I'm so glad it's almost Christmas! I wish I had a means of income so I could buy my mum and brother some gifts, but, alas, no. I just adore the season as a whole. The fun of seeing the stores all lit up, the lights on the neighbours' houses... there's always that one guy a block away that loves Christmas so much that he builds a giant sleigh, hooks it to his truck, and drives through the town giving away candy and colouring books, blasting music out and yelling "Ho Ho HO!" I live in a crazy area, I suppose. Two Kerry supporters and a wanna-be Santa Clause. *rolls eyes*

My dad's not making any effort to talk to us on the phone at night, or anything. He either yells like he's trying to impress someone else in whatever room he's in, or he doesn't even pay attention to what we're doing. He either laughs unnaturally at anything I say, or starts a sentence and never finishes it. I wouldn't mind it so much if he stopped calling all together, but my little brother likes to talk to him about video games. He wants a Playstation 2 for his birthday. I'm not buying a forty-year-old adult a PS2. On my brother's 14th birthday, he took him out and bought him Rainbow 6-3 for the PS2 as an early gift, but then wouldn't let my brother play it for days because as soon as he got home, he took it out of my brother's hands, and played it himself. The whole week or so he was here, he played my brother's videogame. And my brother dissolved into tears, and my dad wouldn't give it back. He's so selfish. He already takes food from our mouths to pay for prostitutes, in my opinion, he doesn't deserve anything for any holiday.

I must be pmsing (sure you needed to know). I feel mean and sick. And I need chocolate...

And the title is from Shrek 2. I love Puss in Boots, he's my favourite one in the whole movie. He's so cute in his wee little boots!

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