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[2004-12-20 @ 10:05 a.m.]

I hate my school district. Half an inch of snow, and we're closed. You'd think it were the floggin' apocalypse! Make us walk to school, if the roads are so icy!

Sorry, I just really need to go to school. As immediately as possible would be wonderful. Hopefully my AP Gov't teacher is as insane as usual, and she's wrong about Tuesday and the school not opening (way to be coherent, Amanda). It had better be open, and my French teacher had better be there. Or else. Because if I don't get my recommendations, the consequences for me will be great. And then I can't give my teacher her chocolate!

And then I'll have to eat it, and I'll be fat while I wave that empty soup can while dressed like Johnny Depp. Who wants to be a fat hobo? Not I.

So, in hopes that schooltime soon will be here, I shall get back to finishin' my William Roundpants essay. Billiam Shakespeare, Bill Shakes, Uncle Willy... William Shakespeare, you get it.

I don't know why I picked that title, but it's from Fairly Oddparents. Because where would I be without cartoons? Better off? I'd have had that paper done by now? Huh?

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