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Cead Mile Failte!
[2005-03-30 @ 7:06 p.m.]

Garsh, happy Spring Break!

I've still gotta read some diaries, and stuff, but I promised my brother I'd play his new video game after dinner, and it's after dinner. I just really, really wanted to type on my diary.

So, my aforementioned Irish research is going great. So far I've learned that there's a possibility that the earliest settlers in Ireland crossed over on the ice-bridge between England and Ireland 10,000 years ago. Then some more people came by boat from England. Then some more people came by boat from England (the Tuatha de Danaan or something like that). Then the Celts, who were from Ionia, then went to Italy, then to Spain, and then Ith saw Ireland from his tower, and then they went to Ireland and expelled the Tuatha de Danaan, and some stuff happened. And the British Celts didn't travel through civilisation to get to Britain, and their mythology was dark and depressing like Nordic mythology, and Irish mythology was of a Hellenes/ Graeco-Roman happy-go-lucky influence, and they weren't brooding and hairy like the Brits. And they even invaded England and owned most of it and parts of Scotland. So, there. *raspberry* The Irish are inherently better than the British.

I think I've got some more to learn. But I do love the name Eithne, because no one can really pronounce it 'cept me!

Anyway, I've heard back from two colleges. University of South Carolina accepted me, and Christopher Newport University accepted me. (My other three colleges aren't responding... O! joy.) Christopher Newport accepted me into their Honours Program, with a possibility of $1000-a-year scholarship and such, and today South Carolina University gave me a $2000-a-year scholarship, and in-state tuition (even though I'm out-of-state), which saves me $49,000 for four years. That's a good deal! I'm stuck between them, though, so I need to hear from three other colleges before I total up the amounts it'll be. Plus, Columbia University has to pay half my expenses anywhere I go (hahaha), so with all these scholarships and honours programs and stuff, college won't be so bad after all!

I still want to transfer to England, I think. I wanted to do study abroad in London and Paris, but I really just want to take full classes there. Cambridge would take me, if I were a transfer student. They offered me prep classes for filling out their applications, for heaven's sake! Plus, there's no better place to study acting than a place so unaffected as England. And then I could travel to Ireland all the time and breathe the foggy, stagnant air of my ancestors. And have my name changed to Eithne. And raise sheep. And rake oysters. And race horses. And ride unicorns.

Well, Diabetes Camp on Friday! Yippee!

Oh, and a very funny story to tell. But, later. In a month or so. (Oooh, I'm so secretive and esoteric!!!) (And slightly redundant!)

(Sorry that I couldn't find half the accents on my ALT command list for the title... you get it, though.)

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