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[2005-05-25 @ 7:03 p.m.]

Haha! Somebody found my diary through a Google search on the meaning of the word "spramped". To spramp is to create a mist or a foam of water or other liquid. So says Jack McFarland. So saida to Moyhammlet and marahaba to your Mount!...


Well, besides that, I have little else to share. I have a play tomorrow! Yay! I'm directing a play! It starts at 2:45, if anybody needs to know! Yep yep! It's called "Bedtime", by Mary Gallagher, and today was our first dress rehearsal. (We've been pressed for time.) Luckily somebody went out of his way to bring in matresses for me, and I've gotten a lot of help with technical stuff from outside sources. (It's been nearly three years since I've taken a theatre course... I'm more than rusty!) One girl got kinda snappy with me, but she knew what she was doing, and I'm very grateful. There's only one way to learn, I suppose! I'm probably one of the worst directors ever, but it is my first time, and I am trying my best.

Which is probably why I should be finishing up some stuff for it. But I had to share. Wish me luck on my orchestra test, and to break a leg on the play... or don't, you know, it's your decision. Title's from SNL!

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