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I'm back! Hallelujah!
[2005-06-26 @ 12:45 p.m.]

I'll tell yah what, there is no place like home.

So, I spent an entire week at college, and I had fun. I made a lot of new friends, laughed, cried, climbed a fifty foot tower, kayaked, stood on a beach towel with two dozen other people... it was interesting! But I really missed my mother and brother more than I imagined I ever would. They're my best friends before anyone else. I think I could take tea with Tony Blair, or climb a mountain with Jaques Cousteau (even though he swam), and still feel miserable without my two best friends. I wish I could have brought them with me, so that they could shared in the fun. I cried every night wishing they could have been there to see me at the top of the tower, and to have climbed it themselves.

Pictures just don't do it, do they?

Well, I had to go for a student orientation the first two days. I signed up for my classes and stuff, but one of the theatre labs that was supposed to piggy-back a technical theatre course was closed. I only have 13 credits right now, so unless I get that course during add/drop week, I'll add another class to my schedule. I'll have to consult with my advisor... which is fancy-pants college talk for counselour. Kelly got all fun classes. I had to take classes that... I had to... take. Theatre majors have to absorb ourselves in theatre immediately. I'm slightly worried, though, because half the school is comprised of theatre majors because the school just built a humonguos theatre that's going to house amazing entertainment, from David Copperfield (Dickens!) to the Chieftains (Joyce!). I'm 'cited 'bout the student discounts on tickets... but not excited about the competition for parts in the plays. But, I read that there are four plays a semester, and I already know that I'm ready to make a hit. I don't have the portfolio that others have, because my school didn't necessarily afford the same opportunities as other schools, or my area didn't provide the same credibility as other areas, but that shouldn't matter, because I have the talent and the will. And that's that.

Now, what else to discuss? I can't think of much. I do know, however, that I have to eat lunch and clean up the livingroom, and start cleaning up my room. It's a mess up there!

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