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[2005-06-19 @ 8:38 p.m.]

Waitin' for my laundry to get done... waitin' for my la-a-a-aundry to get doooonnnne! So I can finish packing, and get on to relaxing... I'm waiting for my laun...dry to geeet done!

Sorry, I was singing it in my head.

Tomorrow marks the beginning day of a week-long orientation and camping leadership adventure for college! Huzzah! And yet the latest highlight of my month was last night's episode of Coupling. Granted, I'm watching it over here in America, which means I'm two years behind. *NOOOO!!!* I was so surprised when someone said the "f dash dash dash word" on it. We don't do that in America. The FCC doesn't let us. Or else we would. I didn't notice at first, though. After a couple of minutes I did a double take... minus the physical movements. It was mental. Like the song. About my laundry.

I read a book last night. It was meh. Just meh. Kinda Kafka, kinda less intense, kinda more simple. The Journey to the East. It was short. Which is why I read it in a night. It took me forever to read Heart of Darkness which was even shorter, though. I think Heart of Darkness is a little more complex, though. Mr. Kurtz was "hollow at the core" because he "lack restraint in the gratification of his various lusts" (Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness). "A penny for the old" guy (T.S. Eliot, "The Hollow Men").

D'ya know, it took me weeks to figure out "doublin their mumper all the time" from Finnegans Wake. That book. It's dah-licious.

I'm probably making no sense. Nonsense? Hold up!... my washing's done... I need to put it in the dryer... drier?... Yeah, ever since graduation on Friday I decided that I don't have to think real thinks for a vhile. Rejoyce, eh? Whardly the caliver. Emoyawn.

My ear itches. Don't you hate it when you get an itch you just can't scratch? Like a tooth? Or your toe? Or your ear canal? Or when you lie down to go to sleep, scratch an itch, and then find another? And another? And another? They need to add that into the Irish Blessing, "May your itches be few, may the road rise to meet you..." It'd rhyme pretty well, at least! Speaking of emodhauns and itches, I've finally an AOL screenname. If you give me yours... I'll think about givin' ya la mienne. Or le mien... is screenname masculine or feminine?...screename? No more, thinks!

If you need to know, no, I haven't been taking too much ibuprofen. I have, however, been drinking a lot of caffiene. Mummy got me Starbucks icecream for graduation! Ahhh! Dah-lisch. Und a pretty watch from Ireland and a Prada purse and my brother got me a connemara marble bracelet from Ireland, too. And I got the laptop I needed.

I'm kinda hungry. For Starbucks coffee. Hahahaha! Luckily I found a very modest bathing suit at Dillard's, so I have a little room to get fat. Ter. Toodles!

Think you, the Beatles. God bless you, every one. "'The time has come,' the walrus said, 'to speak of many things. Of shoes-- and ships-- and ceiling wax... of cabbages and kings... and why the sea is boiling-hot, and whether pigs have wings.'" (Lewis Carroll) His work is a trip. In more than one way.

Trip? AH! I have to pack!!!

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