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[2006-04-05 @ 6:13 p.m.]

PHEW, haven't been on in... ever.

So, I'm transferring schools and changing majors. That on top of term papers (25 pages long!!!) and art projects has consumed my soul recently. It doesn't help that Kingdom Hearts has a sequel out that rocks my socks clean off. (Tetsuya Nomura... you are my hero!)

My hopes for next year are a studio art class, a Japanese class, and some requirements out of the way. Technically I can apply for junior status, jump ahead a year, but I'd rather get as much schtuff under my belt as possible and graduate with my friends. I have 50 credit hours already! It makes me feel smart.

Other than that, I'm doing really well in my classes this semester. I hate Bio, but I got a B on the midterm and great grades on quizzes and papers. Art I adore, of course, and all of my work is hanging in the arts building currently. (Or else I'd snap a few photos to show you!)

I actually read diaries this time! (*YAY*!) But I only read single entries, didn't go back. Sowwies.

And, uhm... that's it for the update!

Title's from Samurai Champloo. Which is absolutely heeee-larious. And sometimes very sad. But always very good. And like all things I like, very expensive to obtain. *wipes a tear from eye* (KH2= $70+!!! Geeeez, Squeenix, can't make it easy for us, can you?)

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