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[2006-04-12 @ 6:03 p.m.]

So over the past 24 hours, I've slaved over two (not one, but two!) papers. That required research! And citations! And now I need sleep and food.

However, what this abundance-- no, excess!-- of work would indicate is that the semester is coming to a timely end (can I get a glory hallelujah?). My summer plans, you ask? ...or don't ask but are going to read about? I. Need. A. Job.

So, my choices come down to EB Games, Gamestop, or Best Buy's game department. Because any way you divide it up, I want cheaper video games. Input is welcomed muchly! Yay! for input!

How long does it take to accept or reject an application? I've been waiting half a month, and I know it was confirmed. *sigh* It's a lenient university, and I do have 50 credit hours and a good GPA... I hate being a growed-up. I wish I could tell everyone entering in upon college that it's better than high school, but college is serious bizness! You absolutely have to do your long and boring readings, write long and boring papers, and befriend your opinionated and disagreeable professors. I've already had my share of anti-Christian and anti-Conservative professors in my first year. If a professor dislikes you personally, and especially if he/she has tenure, you can expect your grade to drop. And all you can do is do your best, though sometimes you've been through so much degredation it's hard to keep up.

As an example, my current honours Biology professor took quite a few lectures out of his schedule to explain to us that religion not only has no place in science, but has no place in anything! Then he assigned us an explication on two articles discussing the seperation between church and science, and specifically stated that he wanted a personal opinion of the subject matter in the paper. My personal opinion? People who practice a religion should be tolerant of otherwise irreligious ideas (like evolution) and even venture to learn about them (I've personally read Darwin despite the fact I believe in Creation); however, athiest scientists must be tolerant of religious people within the scientific field, and attempt to understand their viewpoints as a consequence. Because a Christian doesn't believe in evolution doesn't mean he can't be effective in medicine or even biology. Instead of taking points off of this paper because of poor handling of the subject, he literally wrote, "Science is right, religion is wrong," and took 15 points off my paper because of it. If I were to take it to the Dean, the professor has tenure and wouldn't face any form of consequences.

Not fair, but it's what the real world is like! So my suggestion to everyone is is to take the classes you want, and make sure your major is not what makes you money, but what makes you happy. Because every field has the same kinds of people, the only consolation is that you will enjoy one more than another.

Whew, rant: OVER!

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