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Finny fun!
[2006-04-17 @ 1:24 p.m.]

Can't tell it's the end of the semester at all. /sarcasm

Three papers due last week, two this week (7 pages each!). Not only that, but I took all weekend to finish an art project. Four identical paintings! FOUR! And then I had to mount them on matboard. And when I say all weekend, I mean from breakfast until 9 o'clock pm Saturday and Sunday. As long as Easter is observed nowadays!

My only consolation is that summer break looms ever closer. I think this means I have to find some job applications. Even better than the break is the fact that I truly only have two final exams (out of seven classes!). And I'm relatively prepared for both. I don't know that, in a larger perspective, the lack of work my current college requires is necessarily a positive thing... but it certainly feels positive right now!

Anyway, I had some rather intellectual complaints against this new "Gospel of Judas," but I really haven't my wits about me at the moment. I'll just say I think people are full of it lately. What "it" is, I'll refrain from saying. But rest assured, "it" is bad. I simply don't understand how a "gnostic" document written 300 years after the other apostles wrote their versions of the Gospel can be accredited with any truth. Especially with all of the overwhelming force already within the Bible against it-- why would Judas hang himself if he was given permission from Jesus to betray him? The information that he was given as he was pulled aside wouldn't last 300 years if he didn't even survive through the crucifixion anyway.

Ooof, almost class time! Class from noon until eight... not fun.

**Title's from Kingdom Hearts II, Atlantica. As in the worst part of my recent gaming obsession. As in, Haley Joel Osment singing "Under the Sea". As in, so far I've spent 36 hours on it and Sora's still only level 46. As in, the world of Tron is the greatest thing to happen to Disney since the invention of the steamboat. As in, Riku. As in, the best game evar.

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