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[2003-09-22 @ 2:29 p.m.]

Haha, Jack McFarland just makes me laugh, and laughter takes away the pain.

No, not that kind of pain, you depressed freak, the pain in my middle right-hand finger. I got stung by a hornet last night in front of the computer. Quite the ordeal! My brother went outside to play baseball (in the dark...yeah, that makes sense!), and he got stung in the side twice and ran inside with about 3 or 4 baby wasps on his shirt. And then I got too close and got a stinger right in my finger.

The stinger got caught, and it pumped poison in for about 5 minutes before my family realized that the reason I was screaming wasn't because I was afraid of the wasps, but because I had a stinger shoved painfully in my finger that was growing a more steady shade of violet by the second. So my mom rushed to get it out, and it's been swollen twice the ring size since then. But school was cancelled today, and it's cancelled tomorrow too! Twelve hours without power was SO worth it. I got to get up early today and watch Radio Flyer. Haven't seen that since I was a kid, probably because it was just too depressing for a 6-or-so year old (I don't remember how old I was then, take Elijah Wood's age during the filming and subtract 6, there, ya got it now). But after I started watching it, it all came back to me.

It's a really good movie. Somehow, though, I don't see the ending as entirely in the region of feasibility. No, not "Bobby" flying away in the Radio Flyer, but that Elijah Wood could possibly grow up to look like Tom Hanks. Oh well, it was good none-the-less. I was despondant when the dog nearly died...I didn't cry though. I've never cried during a movie. Not once. Got close with Lilo and Stitch, but I was in a theater full of kids the ages of 3-6, and thought it wouldn't look very good on my part. So I tried to divert my attention, kick in those acting skills of mine. That I don't have. That are non-existent.

Nah, I can act. I can make myself cry before I get into trouble. Which, lemme tell ya, folks, it comes in handy, that little talent of mine. Haha, just kidding, I haven't done that since I was really young. Cough, cough...

Speakin' of acting, Kelly and I were reading the newspaper over the phone aloud in English accents to practice before Halloween! She's getting pretty good with it! Diligence, that's the key. A lot of practice. I just do it wihtout really trying, but I've been a ham since I was little, as previously stated.

Speaking of! I'm SO glad that Debra Messing won that Emmy for best actress in a comedy series for Will & Grace. It's an awesome show, and she's so talented and pretty! She's my favourite actress in the whole world, I want to be just like her (no pressure on her part, I'm sure I'm not the only teenage girl that looks up to her as a role-model).

I'm so sad. Just pathetic. I watched "The Fellowship of the Ring" twice yesterday. But I was bored, what's a girl to do but watch an Elijah Wood movie? Not to mention Orlando Bloom...

I have decided, based on said movie, that 3 out of 9 guys are gorgeous, 2 are pretty, and 4 better have good personalities. The three gorgeous: Frodo, Legolas, Pippin. Pretty: Sam (esp. just Sean Astin before he gained 50 pounds for that part, he wasn't a bad-lookin' guy at all, you laugh, but it's true), and Merry. I hope you have a sense of humour goes out to: Aragorn, Gandalf, Boromir, and Gimli.

I've developed my own statistic! So, 33.3333% of guys are gorgeous, 22.2222% of guys are pretty, and 44.4444% of guys are out of luck.

I'm gonna quote Jack McFarland: "What's cookin', average lookin'?" I have to use that one for a description for an entry sometime, it's great. Will & Grace is the best! Wow, I love having electricity. Curse you Isabel, curse you!

Usurp is a cool word. Just ta let you know. Isabel was a usurper for my area. But now Virginia is a government declared "Disater Area". My fence was a disater, but my dad fixed it. My yard was a disater, but we cleared away the tree remains and raked up the branches and leaves. Fun.

My finger hurts.

I have to keep it wrapped in a bag of frozen cranberries. Ice packs for school lunches are too cold and hard, but the cranberries I can wrap around the wound. My mum tried pouring Pepsi on it to bring down the swelling (which didn't work, but it tickled), then vineger (which didn't work, but it burned and smelled nasty), and then I spread on toothpaste (Metadent) and that all just dried up and rubbed off. So now my finger is swollen and stuff, but I can make a fist again! Maybe it's from all this typing!

Hurrah! It's still a bit swollen and violet in the joints, but that should be gone in mere hours! Wow, I never ate a snack. Just as well, I'll probably get really fat. And fat is bad. But now I'm hungry. I set my brother off to get me some Fig Newtons.

See, this is the way it rolls in my house: my brother is diabetic, so we eat 3 meals a day, and 2 snacks. One after lunch, one before bed. "Elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner, supper, he knows about those, right?"

Should my eating habits remind me of that? Is that healthy? I'm thin, so I guess it's either high metabolism or a lot of length to spread it over, me being 6'0" and all. Speaking of, I'm still growing, or so my friends inform me.

The last time I measured myself, I was 6'0" exactly, and it was at the end of last school year. I come back after the summer, and all of the sinks and water-fountains seem lower, and the stall doors in the bathrooms allow even less privacy! And then some of my friends come up and tell me that I have to have grown, or else they shrank. Funny, my doctors informed me years and years ago that I was to stop growing at the height of 5'6". 6 years and 6 inches later, I think I've proved medical science wrong.

I have Enya stuck in my head. She's so cool. Anybody think it's weird that I listen to so much Enya and Sting but a lot of Incubus and Anti-Flag? Is that normal at all? Didn't think so. Well, at least I'm spontaneous, all over the place!

Do you know what would absolutely just rule? I want, I need, I have to have a Vienna Boy's Choir rock-concert shirt. With flaming skulls and blood and tour dates on the back with big, fancy lettering "Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die: Vienna Boy's Choir". Now you know what's on my Christmas list.

I like the Vienna Boy's choir, they're scary, but it's pretty to listen to! If they made tee-shirts (which they don't, I looked everywhere on Google for merchandise from them to no avail [ha, Avail, haha!]), I'd get one and wear it in honesty. I also want an Enya shirt and an Our Lady Peace shirt. Our Lady Peace is the best band in the floggin' world.

And Flogging Molly is wonderous, too.

Okay, moving on. You know I'm weird, I know I'm weird, we're all good.

My finger hurts.

My brother is humming music from Lord of the Rings. I had "May It Be" stuck in my head all day yesterday, and today as well. Hurrah for me!

My brother just asked me if he should try out for the school baseball team, or basketball team. He's good at baseball, he should go for that one. I'm not a sport person. I used to take ballet, then tap, then gymnastics before I settled on ice-skating for about 7 years. Then I played rec soccer for a season, and since then: nada. I love watching the world cup and following some hockey every now and then. I was the weird one because I wasn't cheering for the Flyers like every one else, I was rooting for the Maple Leafs. My dad likes the Jersey Devils, which is strange, because he lives in New York. If I remember correctly, there was an important group of games involving Ontario, too. But it's been awhile since the Stanleys.

Whew, as if I wasn't weird enough, I just had to open my mouth. But it was pretty much the first and last time I picked up the Sports section in the news paper. I always read the entertainment section, I love movies, music, entertainment in general!

"Let me entertain you, let me make you smile..." Hmm, yep, that's enough for me for today. Definetly enough for today.


I miss National Talk Like a Pirate Day...(see the previous entry for details)...drink up me hearties, yo-ho...

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