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I stole their jetski. That's Russian for jetski!
[2003-09-26 @ 9:59 p.m.]

That's from the new episode of the new season of Will & Grace, spoken by my hero, Karen Walker.

Oh my gah! I'm downloading the Return of the King trailer on theonering.net! Hurrah! It's almost out! It's almost out! 82 days! Only 82 days...

So close yet so very far away... Oh, I can't wait for this movie to come out. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait.

What's depressing about it: once it comes out, what have I got left to wait for. It's like a good book, once it's finished, it's like your best friend died. Nah, that's too harsh, it's like your best friend moved away. Like after I read "The Hobbit" for the first time.

I first saw the Fellowship and HATED it. I loved Frodo, I loved that blond guy in the man dress and tights (Legolas, but I never caught his name), but I didn't understand a single thing about it. Totally lost on me. I liked Frodo though. Always have. Ever since I was about 6 or so and first saw "Radio Flyer". But I didn't make that connection at the time either. Anyways, my mum had started reading "The Hobbit" and she lended it to me. I was skeptical, but soon I was swept away by the endearing Mr. Bilbo Baggins and his amazing adventures with the group of dwarves. I loved the personality that Tolkien gave his characters, it was truly spectacular with the innocence being forced to suddenly accept the world's harsh realities.

I fell in love with that book, and savoured every last page, and when it was done and Bilbo returned home and lived happily to the end of his days, I nearly cried after I finished it, I swear. I loved it that much. Even after I read it a second time I nearly cried because I loved it so much, it was just ingenious the way it was written.

I quickly and obviously became smitten with the story line and characters and fell in love with the movies. And then I actually learned Legolas' name. Character and actor. And I always knew Frodo's name, but then again, who doesn't?

So, yes...oh, wait, the trailer is done loading...


Oh, I'm gonna look back on this one day and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Speaking of, today in school I had an orchestra test, pre-calc test, pre-calc quiz, and I got to read my English journal in front of my entire English class. Everyone clapped and stuff, and everyone said it was wonderful, but I doubt they caught my sense of humour. I think they were thrown off by the sincerity mixed in with a rudeness about people's taste and stuff. The teacher thought it was funny, I think, well, he laughed anyways and said it was really well written.

I love writing. Writing and playing music and watching movies and reading out loud (and silently, for that matter). Is there a job out there that involves all of these things?

I should take drama, English, and Film-making in college and become an actress, writer and director and make millions of dollars and eventually take over the world.

I'm gonna go watch that trailer again, and my brother wants to play a video game, so I'm gonna get off now.


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