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[2003-09-27 @ 8:28 p.m.]

Hey all! My fingers are killing me. At least the tips of the fingers on my left hand.

I was playing the cello all night. But I dug up some old classics (Jurassic Park, Jackson 5, Elanor Rigby, Braveheart) and my brother so kindly let me sight-read thru "Harry Potter". But he plays viola, so I was translating his clef into mine, but I still got it down pretty quickly. And then I figured out how to play "Somewhere Out There" by Our Lady Peace, "Only Time" by Enya, "May It Be" by Enya and then that pretty Shire-y song from Lord of the Rings. I didn't have music for any of that, but I've been playing the cello so long that I can play by ear.

I can do that sometimes on the guitar, and I've been playing that for less than a year.

So, in honour of the occasion, I let my brother pick today's entry description.

Meaning in: I couldn't think of any Karen Walker quotes. Or Jack Sparrow quotes. or Jack McFarlend quotes.

Ah, I live in a crazy, crazy household. My mum is crazy, my brother is crazy, I'm the craziest of all! I'm a complete, raving lunatic.

I was skimming thru my old yearbooks and found that everyone had written something along these lines, "You're destined for greatness, and I'm so lucky to know you. You're the craziest person I've ever met ever."

Besides being redundant, it's nauseating. Sweet, but sickening. Always nice to hear, but only once in awhile. And probably not genuine in the least. But, c'est la vie, mes amis!

Wait, that rhymed! Sa-weet. My fingers hurt...still... and typing doesn't seem to help at all. I wonder why? But that's what happens when you love to just sit and play music. Music all the time...I play my guitar, my cello, the keyboard, my brother's viola all the time. I listen to music, I write music, I play music, I LOVE music!

The only thing to rival music is perhaps drama. I love watching plays and movies, I writing plays, I love acting. I love all of those things.

And I love to draw, paint, sculpt. There are so many ways that I can just sit and express myself at any time, in nearly any place.

And no one cares.

Sorry, I just sorta ramble.

OH! MY! GAH! My dad lives only a half a mile from the ACTUAL Sleepy Hollow, New York. No, really, he lives a half a mile from Sleepy Hollow.


See, he was in Sleepy Hollow. In case you're just stupid. It's not like I just randomly wrote his name with an "I LOVE" in front. Like this: I LOVE ORLANDO BLOOM! Or this: I LOVE SEAN HAYES! Or, the best of all: I LOVE ELIJAH WOOD!


Anyways, tomorrow I have math homework, at least one English essay, and I get to go to the library to work on an English assignment with Kelly. Then, afterwards, we're gonna go watch Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow". Because I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP! Hooray!

My brother is still quoting Lord of the Rings. I'm so amped on "Return of the King"...December 17th...

Oh! For my next entry, remind me that I'm going to be writing my very own Critical Essay on "The Metamorphosis" b/c I'm tired of reading the ones I was assigned and then writing essays on them.

I have to write essays about essays. That's right. And I hate Franz Kafka.

I gotta go! Toodles!

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