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[2003-10-30 @ 9:34 p.m.]

Wow, that was the first not fun title in a long while. Namely, ever. But today is not fun. I just wanted to take 10-15 mins to keep my reading audience informed.

My brother just went to ER for high, high, high ketones (meaning in, he's a diabetic and his cells are eating their own protein right now, which means his body is eating it's own muscular tissues, which is really bad), and I don't know when he'll be back. He may spend the night there. That's why I can afford a few extra minutes on here tonight.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Weee!

Moving on. The day after tomorrow I have an audition for a job that I have been practicing my butt off for. I play the cello, just in case you needed to know, and for this audition (for a theme-park job that pays 14 buckaroonies an hour) I have chosen three pieces. Concerto Grosso 2 by Hayden, "In Dreams" by Howard Shore from Lord of the Rings, and last, but not least, The American National Anthem.

"O Canada, my home and native land"

Well, that's the Canadian National Anthem, anyways. I'm talking Star Spangled Banner. Weee!

Wait, if Americans say "weeeee" down a slide, do the French say "yesssss"? Just a question.

Anyways, I tried to tape the new episode of Will and Grace for my brother. He was near tears b/c he had to miss it. But I was so busy practicing that I accidently missed the first 15 minutes without knowing and even then when I put in the tape, I didn't push the right button or something because it started taping when I tried to turn it off to watch The Faculty on Sci-Fi. I love that movie. But now I feel really bad about letting my brother down. I have hope that he finds solace in the thought that I, as well as he, missed the majority of it too.

And may I go on the record that I pray that Grace divorces Leo on that show. I can't stand him. His face is crooked. Well, I gotta get a move on. Stuff to write, Return of the King to read, sleep to be had, and a brother to worry over. Next entry will be fun, I promise. Toodles!

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