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[2003-11-10 @ 10:27 a.m.]

I'm stuck at home watching Katie Couric make fashion mistakes on the Today show. Does that woman realise that a 20's bowed cloche doesn't go with a double breasted polka dot coat? She looked terrible. Absolutely terrible.

Anyways, I'm staying home today. My stomach flu returned with full force, and along with other unmentionable complications, I feel terrible. Sleep has forsaken me. Sanity has forsaken me. Good television has forsaken me. Why? I'll tell you why: VH1 decided to crank the bass on all of my favourite videos. What scum. I already stopped watching the vulgarity (and all those stupid pop/punk bands) on MTV, and VH1 was my last hope. And they destroyed Jason Mraz. An atrocity.

Anyways, I wrote a song for my band last night. It was really good, but I don't want to put all of it on here until I see all of my friends' reactions. I'll give you the first part of it:


The trodden brown leaves bring winter doom

The end of the warmth leaves, leaves me so soon

Wherefore did hope leave me, left lying forsaken

Lost in the surreal, unreal, so real, never to waken

There's a whole lot more: I promise it later. Anyways, yes, my enormous vocabulary has been expanded to include the word "metrosexual".

Metrosexual: (adj) a male who seems to be homosexual, but is not; false feminity

Let's try it on for size: All British men are metrosexual. Elijah Wood is not gay, he is metrosexual. Hugo Weaving seems to be closeted, so for now he is metrosexual, at least until he comes out.

Unless he already has and I just don't know it.

Anyways, speakin' of! I HAFTA see Matrix Revolutions. It's supposed to suck majorly, but I've seen the other two (and some of the animatrix despite my hatred of anime), I love them, ergo, I must see this one as well. "concordantly" That's a funny word. Indeed. Concordantly. I need to add that to my ever expanding vocabulary! According to long-lived tradition, I am going with my family to see a movie Thanksgiving. What movie? I want to see "Elf", "Scary Movie 3", and "Matrix Revolutions". And my brother and parents want to see all of them too. So far it looks like Matrix, but my mum is leaning towards Elf. Oh my Cher! They're playing Dido on VH1 again! I love Dido's music. It's so awesome! Call me a weirdo! Other chicks my age try to act cool with their false adoration of bands like Tsunami Bomb or Lacuna Coil, and don't get me wrong, I like them too, but at least I admit I like the A*Teens. Remember them?

Oh! Speaking of, I went to Kelly's house this weekend! There was a lunar eclipse, so we made a grand bonfire, burned torches, and made voodoo dolls of people we liked and people we didn't. On the didn't like list: Kiera Knightly (she's everywhere all of a sudden, and it annoys me because her lips are injected with too much callogen and her hair is over bleached), Liv Tyler (she's got that overly done cute thing going on, and you know she's a fake...though I do feel really bad about her life's story. Her dad knocking up her mom and then coming back nine years later, buying her love. But another reason to dislike her: she bought into it), and that chick that played Trinity (she's ugly and talentless. Who'd she have to sleep with to get that job? If she can get into Hollywood, then nepetism and lack of effort sure could get me in). We didn't do real people because I don't want to hurt feelings. I'm a devout Penecostal, and I did all of this in fun, just to let you know.

Hrm, and then we measured the road in front of her house. Since I'm six feet tall, I laid down in the road, and I reached halfway across, so we determined it was only 12 feet. It's really pretty where she lives. The trees are amazing, bare and cold in the chilling air against the grey sky. She lives in the middle of nowhere, a huge advantage in exploration and the picking of wildflowers! Exactly what we did! And we watched movies and played games and ate junk and had fun! Talked about ring dance dresses, I've got mine picked and hers is really pretty, and all that girl talk. Fun stuff! And a hidden full moon behind the Earth's shadow over the roaring crackle of a fire and tucked peeking from the naked branches of the forest is very, very Tim Burton.

But she was kind enough to burn me off two early Evanescence cds. We're talking pre-"Fallen" here. It's awesome stuff, darkly infectious. I get so caught up in their music, it amazes me! I can see all of these ideas for stories or movies playing out in my head when I hear that piano, and I want to write it all down and start filming. Oh! Mum's back from my brother's counselor's school!

So, yes, I need to make another movie. Somethin' dark and unhappy, so I can act serious in it. Another weekend project to actually get some skills with a digital camera. I need to teach myself how to edit with the software I have. I want this one to be at least a half an hour. Who here, that knows me personally and lives in my area, wants to help? Do I have any takers?

No? Well, I guess it's just me and my brother again. He'll have to agree, or I'll take his gamecube's "Return of the King" away. That game rules! It's got stunning effects, Orlando Bloom sounds like a girl (and it's got the actual voices of the actors, too), Frodo (or should I say Mr. 9-fingers)is a playable character, it's all good! Too bad I can't get past the second level. Grr. I almost did on the path of the Hobbits, got right up to the end, but Sam has no good attacks. But I did beat the level from the Paths of the Dead. Now I just have to beat the King of the Dead. I'm sure you all are lost, so I'll change subjects.

Pretending to think...pretending to think...well, I've got no subjects to change to. My mum is still outside by the car for some reason. I can't see her, but the car is there and she hasn't come in yet. Maybe she's staying in there 'cuz it's warm. We don't have the heat on inside the house because the filters need changed and the hot air smells. So I can't feel my toes despite the fact they're covered in socks AND slippers. Oh, no, she's talking to my grandma in the driveway. Fun! It's hard to type with freezing fingers. It's gotta be a little over 30 in this room right now. It's warmer outside than in here. I'd go out there if it weren't for the fact that I'm sick, hence I'm garbed in but my pajamas. My pjs. And a sweatshirt. And socks and slippers.

Yeppers, let's see.....Oh! Back to the Mr. 9-fingers thing! I may still be reading "Return of the King", but since I'm such a cheater, I skipped to the end a long time ago. Back when I was reading the "Fellowship", but that's irrelevant. I didn't catch on that Gollum ripped off Frodo's finger until someone told me on the bus the other day. So when I got off the bus, my mum took me to a pharmacy with my brother for some medecine, and there I happened upon a copy of said book. I found the spot, read it aloud, and freaked when I finally saw it! AHHH! HE LOOSES HIS FINGER? OH MY GAH! Needless to say, half the store turned and stared, and being the ham and sucker for attention that I am, I just kept right on freaking. And then I did the same when I saw Colin Farrel of the cover of a magazine, and then the other day when Keanu Reeves was on the front of Details (or whatever, I only read Guitar World, Entertainment Weekly, and, coughcoughYMcoughsputtercough), but that's all beside the point.

Actually, there is no point, but that's not the matter (though that's unfathomable as well). Ovell!

Yep! I think my work is done here! I think if you're reading, my teenage girl ramblings of music and movies has brightened your day. Wait, there was one thing I wanted to find... un moment, s'il vous plait mes amis...

"The name of Amanda has given you an appreciation for many beautiful and refined aspects of life--music and art, literature, drama--and the outdoors, where you find much peace and relaxation, but it creates a far too sensitive nature. You sense and feel much that you do not understand, and sometimes you are alarmed at your thoughts and wonder about their origin. You rarely experience the tranquility that comes with stability of thinking or emotional control."

I found that on this website ( http://www.kabalarians.com/index.htm ), and it's creepy how right on the money it is! Whew, it scared the mess outta me. You can't possibly tell me that every Amanda in the world is this way, but this personal case prooves true. I know I have problems controlling my emotions, especially lately I change my mood as often as my hair styles (right now it's in it's natural red curl). I also type all the time about how I think something that freaks the heck outta me. Case in point: the entry titled "We are no longer the Knights who say 'Ni!'. We are now the Knights Who Say 'Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky-pikang-zoop-boing-goodem-zoo-owli-zhiv'" from just a few days ago. And everyone knows I'm a treehugger, I'm so inclined to just stare out of car windows at the treelines or at the streaming light filtered through clouds, pulled taught like yellow ribbons of devine radiance... And I love and excel in the arts. Yep, it fits me.

I'm cold and irritable. So that's enough for me while I find something else to do. Toodles!

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