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[2003-11-29 @ 1:49 p.m.]

My brother is a butt-munch! Did you read what he wrote in his diary? No, Ben, he's not a flaming homo! Grrr, grrr...

Simmering, cooling, I'm fine! Yesterday I went on an excruciating shopping trip. I have the last pair of pants in my area that fits my height and weight that I do not own. I was at the Gap (the only retailer catering to my height) for hours, and I walked out with only one pair of pants. One. I'm not kidding you. From here on out, I buy only skirts and capris (since most shorts look like bandaids on my long legs)! I was teeming with anger. It was terrible! Every pair I looked down at only to see my ankles! And my dad was trying to force me to buy buy's pants! Now I'm angry again. Butt pirate...grr...

Oh! I was searching through diary rings with my brother for his diary and we came across one called lotrpants or something that made me laugh. "I know what you would say, and it would seem like wisdom but for the warning in my pants." It was hilarious! I'd join if I weren't already in so many. I probably still will later. Go check it out because it's worth a look.

My brother was angry when we hit Hot Topic yesterday, though. They ran out of smalls in the Gollum shirts depicting the saying, "They stole it from usss, and we wantsss it back" with a huge picture of Smeagol. Instead he bought a Kurt Cobain shirt and a Zelda shirt. Which made my mum angry because: 1. the Kurt Cobain shirt had his last letter on the back, and she thinks it supports suicide and 2. He was supposed to buy a nice shirt for a dance coming up that he's going to with his girlfriend.

Is it odd that he's allowed to have a girlfriend at the age of twelve, and I'm sixteen and I can't have a boyfriend? I wasn't allowed to go to dances in Middle School, and I'm barely allowed to go to my junior prom-ish Ring Dance! And now my dad's trying to beguile me into playing basketball. I DON'T WANT TO! NOOOOOO!!! I hate sports (unless it's hockey or the 16-pound hammer throw or figure-skating or soccer)(then I guess I don't really hate sports? But I hate basketball. Grrr, I hate it.

It's hard to type and talk on the phone at the same time, but I suppose I'll get used to it. Kelly and I were talking about the new issue of Newsweek. Very interesting stuff, I suppose. If you're a loser like me. I admit it, I'm loser. Loser, loser, loser. Looooooooooooser! Well, at least I'm open about it.

I'm kinda angry about what I've been reading about "The Return of the King". They cut out the Scouring of the Shire! Completely! Because it's "boring"! But it's what Frodo saw in the mirror (well, in the book Sam saw it), and it furthers Frodo's innocence. When Saruman takes him down and Frodo doesn't retailiate, endebting Saruman to him, it proves that the character of Frodo has a mental and moral strength that the strongest do not posses, and it's practically the only time that Frodo doesn't come off as a gay pansy and he actually gets to slap the man down (metaphorically, however).

*Seething and shaking* I'm fine. I'm fine.

So, I have to clean the otherwise uninhabited Dining Room so my mum can make me a dress. It's gonna be purdy...*smiles*.

Kelly just said Colin Farrel and Johnny Depp are butt buddies. Yeah, well, Orlando Bloom's a flaming queer! Hey! You do not compare Liv Tyler to the genuis of Elijah Wood! How rude! Well, Keanu Reeves was beaten with not only the ugly branch, but the entire gay tree as well.

Sorry, folks, I was typing retorical remarks as a conversation with Kelly. She's typing it all too. Okay, so I'm no good with insults. And I'm sorry Orlando and Keanu. I didn't mean it... grr, I'll get you Kelly. I'll get you. Geez, Kelly, you've sure got some cute cats...it'd be shame if something were to happen to them, just a shame! See if you make any more remarks about me.

"I see in your pants the same fear that will take the heart of me. There will come a day when the pants of men fail, when all friendships are forsaken and all pants of fellowship are broken. But today is not that day, today we pants!"

Sorry, I was in the "pants" mood. I should just do that periodically. "Don't talk to it, Merry! Don't pants it!" Hahaha! I should get back to cleaning sometime soon...

I also have to get to writing my script for a new movie I'm making with mes amis Kelly and Liz. It's going to be fantabulous! Abs-and-pecks-olutely! It's gonna be a serious one. A scary one... BOO! Did I scare you? I should have! Bwahaha!

Yeah, I'm lame. I know. You don't have to tell me. I'm gonna go clean.

It seems like this entire entry was a waste of time... go read another one, they're usually more entertaining than this, I swear.


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