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[2003-11-30 @ 6:14 p.m.]

I've been shopping around for a new layout, and I've found one! But this stays until POTC comes out on dvd (two days!) and then I switch to LOTR in celebration of Return of the King. Then when that comes out, I'm thinkin' Audrey Hepburn. But I found a cool site with cursors, and changed mine to a little picture of Edward Scissorhands!

Hopefully you can see my new cursor here, but my friend Kelly informed me that it didn't work for her, that she had to download a program. I hope it works for you all, though. I like it, it's cute! And no, I'm not in the least bit odd for thinking Edward Scissorhands is cute. You'd have to see the movie to understand...

Anyways, I had a decent amount of pre-calc homework to finish, but it's done. And I finished cleaning the dining-room...the biggest obstacle was an ugly looking spider, but it all got done, I'm pleased to report. My feet and arms are cold. Probably because I'm wearing my pj pants rolled up (because they aren't close to being long enough for me- nothing ever is), and I'm wearing a thin, black tank top.

But, it has come to my attention that this is my 101 entry. HAPPY 100 ENTRIES TO ME! I think everyone reading needs to celebrate! It's amazing how important and self-fulfilled you feel when you hit 100 entries, yet how sad you then realise your life is. "Yes! 100! Wait...do I really have that much spare time? Is my shame that forgone to share this much of my life with utter strangers?" The answer to these questions: of course! I have no life whatsoever, and I hope that you all enjoy reading about it. So, wish me a happy 100 entries!

I'm so jealous of my brother's diary right now; it's so bloody awesome! Grr, even his name is cooler than mine. I'm green with envy. Ovell, his cursor's only Neo, mine's Edward Scissorhands. Can Neo make it snow? Well, yeah, he can. Never mind. But can Neo sculpt shrubbery? Actually, he probably could, all he'd need to do was download the program. Darn. I never win. Well, Edward Scissorhands is still cooler, he's got sweet hair.

Yeah, so, I was gonna talk about something, but I forgot. Think, Amanda, think... Geez, I've told you all before about the weird dreams I've been having, right (in the entry entitled "Where is fancy bred...")? Well, they just keep getting stranger and stranger! I keep having a recurring one, I see a road. A dirt road in a bright yellow field, worn by tires. And I think the yellow field is a soy field, either that or one comprised completely of golden wildflowers. Well, this field goes on in all directions for a few miles and it's surrounded by a bright green forest. The road seems so familiar, I know I've seen it, but I just can't remember where. Well, everytime I see it again in my dreams, the sky grows darker and heavier with impending rain, and the trees begin to tremble and are reduced to mere shadows against a blackining sky. The field starts to flow like water, catering to the wills of the wind, and I feel really scared. And no matter what I do, I can't turn around or walk down the road.

Hmph. I'm tired of having deep, insightful dreams. I want a dream that's superficially cheerful, like I meet a rockstar or something. But, noooo, I hafta have these scenes from Tim Burton movies, don't I? Stupid buried pain in my psyche. If I'm so un-angsty in the waking world, why are my dreams so troubled? So, where do you stand on the Sigmund Frued debate? Is he daft or a genius?

Just kidding. Well, you can actually answer that, if you like. I hear about his theories a lot around the house and stuff (and, no, I'm not kidding), but I've never taken the time to read his works, so I don't know how I feel about it. It's interesting enough though. He examined the human mind, and dabbed into the dream state a lot. There's a lot more research that's been done on it now, though. But there's still much more to be done. Stuff like only 5% of the time you'll remember some of your dream from the night, and it's never the whole dream. And after so long after you fall asleep, you go into a mode called REM (no, not the band) where your mind literally paralyzes your body. Your eyes are moving so rapidly at this stage of sleep, that your eyelids noticibly flicker up and down. At this point, you're at the climax of your dream. Your brain is doing some heavy duty work, here. It can go so far as to make your body feel like's it's in motion, or even other sources of motion are affecting yours (like that dream where you're walking down the stairs and you trip and fall- and you really feel like you fall- and then you smack into the cold pavement). Your mind can affect your temperatures (that cold pavement you feel), your feelings (when you wake up crying), and your waking-thought (waking up and feeling like you're still dreaming- hence the Matrix, haha). Sometimes you can still wake up during REM (no, not the band) and the dream continues though you aren't asleep. Isn't the human body amazing? REM (not the band) is seriously like the Matrix (to make it easier for you): your body is asleep and can't move while your mind acts out everything in your dreams in the form of your body. Make sense now?

Well, now that you've been bored to death with the finer, yet banal, aspects of the sleep-world. So, speaking of Sigmund Freud, has anybody heard any news on Sigfried of Sigfried and Roy? Or was it Roy that got hurt? No, I'm pretty sure it was Sigfried. No, it was Roy. Yeah, Roy. No, really, it was Roy. I'm sure now. But, is he okay? I heard about his injuries, but then nada. Rien. Zippo. I like them, they're really cool. And foreign and gay, so that makes them even cooler! Plus they like animals. I love animals! Well, except for cats. Most cats, anyways. Some are okay, but cats actually scare me. And, no, I'm not lying.

At least I don't have tricadecaphobia!

Haha, I feel smart. Did I mention that it's my 101st entry? Well, now you know! Well, then, wish me a happy 100 (not to sound redundant) and get outta here.


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