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[2003-12-25 @ 7:23 p.m.]

'Ello, 'ello! Merry Christmas, all!

I had a very nice Christmas, and I must tell you all about it, this being my diary and all. I went to bed circa 2 am, my brother woke me prematurely at 7 am. Scratch that, make it 6:30, because it took me a half hour to move. K, then I went downstairs to, naturally, have an inclination to tear ravenously at the presents beneath the tree, but my brother had to eat breakfast first. I wasn't particularly hungry, so I had a cup of milk (a tiny cup of milk). Then my brother got a shot (he's diabetic), and we had to wait for my dad to get out of his shower.

I think he did that on purpose.

Well, after an hour or so, he came down and my brother and I leaped on the gifts like predatory birds on prey, and ripped each one's wrapping to the minutest of shreds. I received the COOLEST Pirates of the Carribean poster that you can fold all these different ways to make different posters (it was printed special just for me!), the prettiest bra from Victoria's Secret you ever did see, a new pair of Victoria's Secret pjs (so soft and cozy!), a new pair of suede Mary Janes (brown with a thick black strap- adorable!), a new Sleepy Hollow-ish Edwardian black velvet jacket (what I had been requesting since, oh, say, August), a board game for Lord of the Rings (one based on the book, and quite challenging and time-consuming, to say the least, yet still quite enjoyable), a kit of Smashbox Cosmetics and a new Smashbox eyebrow pot (which is particularly considerate taking into account the state my current eyebrows are in b/c of this hereditary thyroid thing- and I thought my dad was bald, then I looked at my arches)(good news on that front tho- I figured out a way to pluck around the problem and they look decent, very, well, Cate Blanchett-ish now), a PlayStation 2 with Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup (I love it!) and Rachet and Clank (my brother loves it!), a new telescope for a local astronomy/hiking club my family and I are going to join, a porcelain doll for the collection I started at the ripe old age of 6 (I've got dolls from Norway, Holland, Alaska, Hawaii, St. Maarten, England, Cuba, etc., and I get one every year, even at age 16), a new cd player to replace my old one (a nice way of my mum telling me she didn't want to hear Boy George out loud any more), an Agent Smith action figure (more cool than it is dorky, I swear; the street's all wet and he's in this cool "Come 'ere so I can kill you with my slow as frozen butter voice and supa fast fists, Neo" look on his face... it'll look great next to Frodo, Eowyn, and Jack Osbourne), and a bunch more stuff that's not surfacing at the moment.

My mum got a dvd player, equipped with a dvd of her favourite show (Frasier) and The Adventures of Bean (or Mr. Bean, I can't remember- it's Rowan Atkinson and absolutely hysterical, watch it, I command thee). Well, she made us sit through a few episodes of Frasier, and it's actually really funny. I was happy when I saw "The Best Laid Plans" as a title for a section, and I recited "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, that was Robert Burns! He was Scottish, ya know." My dad just sorta looked at me funny and my brother rolled his eyes muttering something about me needing a life or sports... something along those lines.

Well, it's not my fault I'm not an athletic person. I figure skated for most of my life, danced and tapped before that, and then I took up the grand old sport of soccer. I dropped all of those, but I was pretty good at them. If I had put forth the effort I do into the things I prefer, then maybe I'd be doing a triple toe loop instead of reciting "To a Mouse".

Well, anyway, all I had for lunch was brie on water crackers (yes, they're crackers, not water, I'm not anorexic, just nauseous), but I made up for it with some large chunks of ham for Christmas dinner. Question: do you eat turkey or ham for Christmas dinner? I'm used to turkey on Thanksgiving and ham on Christmas, and I won't have it any other way (especially since I hate turkey). I'm just curious, because my dad used to have turkey on both days. That's crazy. It's funny how liberal I can make myself out to be, yet how tradition oriented I remain. Strange world out there, folks.

Anyways, I was just curious as to find out your tradition. You can opt not to answer that question (that is, if anyone is still reading this, I am a boring person and all). If you want to see my Christmas pics, check out my family site in my favourite diary list in my profile, but be sure to check the entry before "Merry Christmas" too, because I have makeup on in those pictures, and I don't look half bad. So do it, go on, go look! You can finish reading this first, if you prefer, but I really do urge you to take a looksies.

Well, my dad seemed to like the suede jacket and pinstriped shirt I got him, the jacket especially. I'm glad. But it was fun freaking him out by saying, "Geez, dad. I hope you like the way the Fab Five dress, you know, with all those colours. Because you're wearing all black lately". Well, I got him more black only because he wouldn't wear anything with colour. But I made sure it was all black with a twist (off center pinstripes and different texture and material than usual), and my brother got him a brown watch. And my brother enjoys his Gollum shirt, though my mum protested. And he really loves his Aragorn action figure, as it has killed my Frodo figure and thrown his cadaver into the closet (get it, closet? Haha, Ben) at least a dozen times. And it seems to be a reigning joke that Elrond doesn't make enough money being a well-connected half elf, so he has to make extra dough on the side as an agent for the Matrix, and has to silence Aragorn, the only one who knows. Haha once again, Ben.

Well, well. Yep, Christmas is good. I was going to use a witty title for this entry, as usual I'm sure you know, but I decided to go for tradition. "A Christmas Story" is a traditional as they get. Now...GET OUT! And make sure to take a detour to my pictures (the diary's named "ostwalds"). Thanks, come again.

And merry Christmas. Finally, those stupid department store fatalities are over... for now.

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