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But when the bowling shoe is on the other foot, look who's the good cop, and look who's the bad cop.
[2003-12-27 @ 7:59 p.m.]

That, by the way, is a quote from Will & Grace. Speaking of, Debra Messing of said show is in an upcoming movie with Ben Stiller. Keep a sharp eye out for it.

And speaking of sharp eye, I want you, yes you, to vote for me in a pirate contest. I had to create a caption for a picture, and the picture (from Pirates of the Carribean) was of Will Turner standing close to Norrington, with a sword slightly visable behind. My caption was thus: Will: "Is that your sword, or are you just happy to see me?" Norrington: "That is, without doubt, the worst come-on I've ever heard of." Click on the link to the side of this text box entitled "Pieces of Eight", and vote for "Mandy" in the contest. And the caption listed by my name is a little off. Just vote for me.

And now that I'm done begging you for sympathy to my superficial cause, I'll move on. Today was a good day. My mum and dad and brother and I went to Barnes and Noble Booksellers, and I got "Angela's Ashes" and "Oliver Twist". I wanted to get "David Copperfield" but my dad yelled at me that two was enough, and I wouldn't read them all anyway. Shows how much he knows (or cares), since I'm nearly half-way through "Angela's Ashes". I highly recommend it to everyone, it's really, really, really good. It would be if I'm so into it. But I couldn't remember the author's name, and I asked a girl that worked there. She sorta scowled, and rolled her eyes, searching for a name. "Mc...Mc...C..." she remembered, and instead of just telling me the name and pointing me to the Biography section, she started jogging and I had to run to keep up. She ran all the way to the shelf and rudely handed it to me, "Frank McCourt", faked a smile, and went off with a sneer.

Well, at least I got it. And I picked up "Oliver Twist" because I'm a big Dickens fan, and I headed over to the magazine rack. I searched the entertainment section (I'm a sucker for cinema, tv, etc...), and found the new Entertainment Weekly with a Lord of the Rings spread. My fingers were itching and my pulse quickened and my eyes lit up, but I remembered my dad, and figured it wasn't worth the arguement. I skimmed a few articles anyway, and set it back down. It makes me angry that only Sir Ian McKellen is getting a nod for an Oscar nomination. That movie was beyond fantastic, and so many people deserve some credit. I don't care if it was a fantasy movie or not, if it was high-budget or not, if it was a block-buster or not, there were so many people that went so far as to literally risk their lives to film it for love of the cinema and love of the book's message of loyalty, love, and friendship, that the movie deserves every last one of this year's Oscars.

I'm simmering down... finding my center... I'm good! Well, yeah, I didn't get it because I'm afraid of my dad. Whenever he comes to visit, the first few days are fine, but then I guess he gets tired of us and he wants to go back up to New York. So he gets short with us, tells us to shut up, etc. He gets really angry with me, most of all. He gets so angry with me sometimes that I swear he's gonna hit me. He tells me so. "Amanda, you need to learn not to cross the line, or I will hit you." And then my mum tells me, when I come to her in tears, to just be quiet around him, and if he ever does hit me, he'll have to watch it because if I don't kill him, she will. And trust me, if he ever hit me, I'd hit him back.

I can't put up with it when he yells at me. He even knows he does it, he knows that when he gets angry with other people, he takes it out on the ones he "loves". Not too long ago, he kicked one of our dogs (one, mind you, that wound up nearly dead on our doorstep after being starved, beaten, and thrown out of a truck window and forced to live off the streets for weeks) because he got mad at a neighbor. A neighbor that he never has to see except maybe once every two months. I'm just too strong-willed to be put down like that. I'm like my mom, I'll yell back until I'm red in the face and my words slur together and I'll be crying the entire time, and it'll all end with one long, drawn out, banshee scream and a slam of a door. And my dad will sit quiet with a red face until he can't listen any more and tell me to shut up or be hit. Everyone else listens, remembering the time he put his fist through the wall, but not me. I'll never listen.

Part of the reason "Angela's Ashes" is so captivating is because the arguing mentality of the McCourt family doesn't seem so far from my own Irish family. One minute you'll be happy, the next you're screaming until you shake all over and your face is soaked with tears.

Yep, well, anyway. I think I'd better change subjects or I'll be going on with this forever. I was supposed to go see that beloved cinematic masterpiece, Return of the King, with Kelly, but she wanted to go see it at 11:20 am. That posed a bit of a problem with me, because I promised my diabetic little brother he could come, and 11:20 is too early and overrides his lunch time. Kelly didn't know I promised my brother (I'm not a good planner, I'm too impulsive, I guess), and tried to ask her dad for an afternoon time, and he didn't seem to want to very much. So my brother claimed he didn't wanna go see it anyway, which was a blatent lie, he just doesn't want to keep me from seeing it again, and I'd feel too bad about seeing it without him when he really wants to see it again, too. Sorry again, Kelly. So, my mum said we'd all go see it a different time.

It was so much fun seeing it in my favourite theater, because all the people there cheered at the good parts. People gasped and booed when Gollum tried to frame Sam against Frodo, and they all cheered when Eowyn killed the witch king, and they all shouted, "Go, Frodo! Go, Frodo!" when he was crawling up Mount Doom. The people sitting near me also laughed when I started crying, but whatever. Oh, and everyone said, "SWEET! YES!" when Legolas killed the oliphaunt. Just to let you know.

It's always fun being in a crowd of people. Especially when you're in front of the crowd showing off. That's when I'm the happiest: being placed on a pedastal (or, in my case, a stage) and being praised or despised by all. I could care less (and this is gonna sound all Jack Sparrow-ish) if people like me, just as long as they know who I am. Life is fun, isn't it? Life is fun.

I promise I'll change my layout soon, I just like this one a little too much right now. Get over it.

What else did I have to talk about? Oh! I finally saw the episode of SNL with Sean Hayes hosting, and it has to be my second favourite episode (bet you can't guess what my first favourite was...haha!). I loved the skit at Jeffrey's with the rude gay workers that snubbed everyone, and Jimmy Fallon and Sean Hayes couldn't keep a straight (haha, get it?) face for the life of them. It was just sooooooo great. And the "Dance, Billy Elliot, dance!" bit for the Weekend Update was hilarious as well. And I finally saw an episode of Will & Grace I hadn't yet seen, and it made me incredibly sad. It was a sad episode when Karen realised her husband had let her down again, when Jack's dreams were slashed, and Grace and Will decided to have a baby, and you knew it couldn't work because Jack and Karen's stories didn't. *Tear*

And... wait, I had something else to say... oh, if you want an MP3 player for $5 (originally $80) from Sony, go to the website for a clothing company called Newport News. They're also selling nice mini tvs for the same price. You have to check under the clearance tab, and look under the tab for $5 Sale. And they've also got a buncha clothing under $10, and I love their stuff. It makes you look rich and artsy. My mum ordered 4 of the MP3 players, and got an extra discount from a catalogue serial number and got $20 off, so it was for free. And she got a tv to go with it. Fun stuff. I'm getting a pair of suede boots from them, soon, they were over $100, but dropped to $60, and I want them to drop again before I buy them. I love that place...

Anyway, I'm not being payed to advertise them, so I'm stopping there. And to be consistent and give myself some reading time, I'll just leave now. Toodles! And thanks for listenin' to me complain! And vote for me if you haven't!

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