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[2003-12-30 @ 3:09 p.m.]

'Ello! Geez, it's a quiet Monday. I love/hate not having anything to do. On one hand, I get some good reading done, on the other, I'm not exercising or sleeping. I'm learning, but not exercising or sleeping. I haven't been sleeping well lately, I'll probably elaborate a bit better on that later.

Yes, I'm telling you all one more time (well, a few more times): vote for me! Those of you who have, bear with me, those who haven't, listen up! Click on the "Pieces of Eight" link beside this text box, and vote for "Mandy" in the contest. I had to write a caption for a picture of Will and Norrington and a sword (Pirates of the Carribean) and it was as thus: Will: "Is that your sword, or are you just happy to see me?" Norrington: "That is, without doubt, the worst come-on I've ever heard of." Yes, I'm tired of typing it, so vote for me because I never win anything special except for the odd game of Bingo. Do it because you love me, or at least because you don't wanna read that any more.

Now I can move on with my life. I finished reading "Angela's Ashes" this morning. The way I figure it, I finished in 3 days. Yep, I got it Saturday afternoon, read all through Sunday and Monday, and wrapped it up before noon today. 3 days! Well, less than that because of meals and sleeping and goofing off and Will & Grace and phone time and Kids in the Hall. But, otherwise, yeah. It's a very, very, very innovative book, to say the least. Candid, open, innocent even when it's not supposed to be, and the conversationalist style and the sentence structure was stunning! I was very much impressed. Next up: "Oliver Twist". Then maybe my dad'll give in and let me get another, I want "David Copperfield". Wasn't Daniel Radcliff in the film version? Wait, yeah, he was. What a shame.

Ooooh, that was kinda rude.

Anyway, yesterday I went to the haircutting place with my brother and dad so my brother could get his haircut (wow). Which is quite a good thing, because I could put it in this little ponytail. Well, anyway, while he was off getting his hair done, I was reading my book. My dad shuffled through the magazines and handed me an old issue of Premiere Movie Magazine because: 1. I love movies 2. It had the guys that played hobbits on the cover and 3. I love hobbits. So I skimmed the article (it being 5-6 or so dozen pages long) and enjoyed the pictures (very Beatles-ish to me), and was quite surprised at what I read. Who woulda thought that magazines could use those kinds of words? And I never knew Orlando Bloom wore aprons. Told you, Kelly! There's so much more that I read, but it was all kinda disturbing. Entertaining, but disturbing, and I know I'm using this word again, but candid. Candid, open, forthright, etc... yet still absorbing. So, as soon as I finished and picked my book back up again, my brother was finished and he got a little bottle of hair spray, and we were out.

Then my dad took us home, and I decided that I wanted to go for a bike ride. A nice, long bike ride. There I am wishing I could go on a country bike ride and look at the trees and my breath be chilled and white against the grey winter sky, and it was nearly in the mid-60's temperature-wise, and I live in the suburbs. But I felt the inclination to move, to get on my feet, to be doing something, so I went alone on my bike around the neighborhood in the heat with all my makeup on and my nice clothes (hardly exercise worthy) and tried to have fun letting my hair blow back. Nope. Teenagers in cars kept passing me and laughing at me, people walking were snickering, and that's still not what bothered me the most. I just didn't feel any better by the time I got to my green front door with the brass doorknocker of the Irish hand and heart.

This is why I'm loosing sleep and patience, and it won't go away. I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get out of highschool and this stupid, boring state and start college and a real life. A real life outside of dreams and hopes, one where I can actually make my dreams and hopes come true. And as lame as that sounds, I'm going to loose my mind if I don't soon. Luckily, I will soon, so there's no white, padded walls in my immediate future. Give me about ten years, then we'll see.

But, I'm in bunches of a better mood today. No, I haven't slept lately, but I did have a large dose of caffeine and Kids in the Hall re-runs to keep me up. Let's see... I don't think I've had too much solid food-wise... umm, crackers and soft cheese. Oh, and some yogurt. That's about it. No, and a pixie-stick. I remember in the fifth grade when people used to snuff those things in the back of the bus. Ahh, geez, those were the grand oul' times, no? My fingers are a bit chilly. I think it may be cold outside again today, but I doubt it. My mum said there's snow in the air, she can smell it.

I don't doubt that for a minute. I think it's her red hair that gives her this strange sense, but she's never, ever wrong about it. At thanksgiving she told us that we would have an earthquake, and sure enough, we did. Just a week or so later. Crrrazy! So, yep, I believe my mum.

Well, well, well. I haven't slept in days, the bags under my eyes are making Christopher Walken and Christina Ricci look normal (and, amazingly, I've just named half the cast of "Sleepy Hollow"), and I have the Kids in the Hall song stuck in my head. Oh, and while I'm thinking about it (well, while I'm thinking about something in general), today's title came from Will & Grace. The "Oh no! Guapo's gone but Karen's buying my love with Gucci mules so I think I'm fine with it/ You want to be president of the tenant's board? I don't think so Mr(s) Snooty McFrenchLaugh" episode. If you don't watch the show, then don't worry about it. The hydra-bra episode was on last night. That's a good one, especially since I know how Grace feels.

Geez, I'm still really tired and now I'm semi-hungry. I think that maybe I should go drink some caffeine to fill and/or wake me up. Well, I'm off. May your days be filled with joy and wealth in the coming year, unless you don't vote for me in that pirate contest, because then I lace your future with ill and foul luck. So nyah.


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