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Oh, my mood stabilizer party mix! Uppers, downers, and candy corn. And don't tell my doctor, he's trying to get me off sugar.
[2004-01-15 @ 1:21 p.m.]

Alright, alright. Today is a pain in the butt. I woke up about 15 minutes late and rushed through my school preparations. I finished just in time, and rushed out the door so I wouldn't miss my buss, but I forgot to grab some batteries for my TI83 Graphing calculator that I needed for my pre-calc test today. So I ran as best I could (being quite encumbered with 3 thick books, a shoulder bag full of more books and four packed binders, and a purse) back into the house to grab some batteries out of the battery drawer in the dining room cabinent. I couldn't quite reach the drawer because of a basket full of laundry, and I was in a rush, to I leaned as far as possible over, and my shoulder bag full of books fell forward, pulling me with it, and the drawer came out of the cabinent, spilling its contents with a crash all over the floor. Then I heard my bus drive by, and I tryed to pick up the batteries and I was crying because my muscles ached, I had gotten no sleep, and I was congested with a cold.

So, yep, my mum told me to stay home. So, here I am! My head is throbbing because my Tylenol wore off, I missed two french quizzes and a math test, and who knows what in History class. Then there's AP English, but that class sucks anyway.

That's my excuse, uh, story, and I'm stickin' to it.

In other unimportant news, my Gammie was flipping through the channels with me, looking for a Doris Day (my Gammie loves Doris Day) movie on AMC, and we came across How to Sew an American Quilt, that one heart-felt Winona Ryder movie. Well, I actually really like Winona Ryder (just don't tell the people at Sacs), I think she's pretty. So we watched it. It kinda made me sick, and I didn't really appreciate the ending, but I liked the stories that the women told, they were, err, touching. Well, it was a sad movie, but the ending was supposed to resolve the problems, and it just didn't work for me. And I hate movies that include a narration from the protagonist over a silent action. And it always seems to happen in a Winona Ryder movie. Girl, Interrupted, How to Sew an American Quilt, even Edward Scissorhands had a plot summary at the beginning and/or end of the movie to sum up what happens before the story and after it's ended. It seems like such a weakness of the screenwriters to not be able to tell the audience the backdrop of the story throughout the period of the movie, and it seems to underestimate the audience's capabilities to guess what's going to happen afterwards. And it just makes me angry! What's the point of watching a movie if the plot and theme are so ouvert? Not that I don't like any of the aforementioned movies, au contraire, but, geez! And, yes, I know that the Fellowship of the Ring did that, but the movie really needed a little back story, it's hard to understand if you don't already know what's going on. Grr...

I'll be fine. No, really, don't worry about me. I like my art forms vague so I can figure stuff out, myself. Hrm, yep. I'm a loser! You know, I always think I've something to talk about when I get on here, and then it's all out the window. And, please, please tell me that I'm not the only one that accidently types in http://dairyland.com instead of http://diaryland.com. I always end up going to a cow statistics website, and it's driving me insane. All I want to do is rant on my online diary, and I get a meat-packing and dairy consumer index thrown in my face! I should sue or something.

Haha. Oh! Can you believe it? Frasier is getting the boot! 11 seasons, and now it's getting chucked like a sac of rotten potatoes (don't ask me about that analogy, please). Just when I started to get into it, when I started watching the dvds and new episodes with my mum, it gets taken away! NOOOO! See, I've said it before. I always start to love something when it's time is come to an end. It's like I'm cursed.

One time I checked out a book from the school library as a kid, it was a book about horses at Chicoteague island, and it was a popular book, everyone was reading it. The day I brought it home, my mum had the news on, and I overheard the anchorwoman say that the author of the book I had just died that day. Ever since then... Well, just don't ever let me read your books, if ever you write any. I'll stick to books by people who are already gone or too young to just up and croak. And now it's happening with Frasier, just like it did Off Centre. Oh well! Nothing that can be helped!

My throat is sore again, and my ears hurt. Sigh. And I have Josh Groban stuck in my head. So... pretty... I'm a sucker for a good voice, though I have none of my own. At least I can hit a few notes, better than some people, but I'm not good. Good enough to sing to myself, by myself. That's the extent of it.

Last night I was searching through the movie channels, and Black Hawk Down was on Encore. That's a really sad movie. I think that Josh Hartnett was good in it, and that's strange because he seems like he'd only be good in a teen flick. And I didn't even know until last night that it had Ewan McGregor in it! That's the crazyness! So, then I turned the channel to see what else was on, and Moulin Rouge was on VH1, and I started watching it because I was entranced with Ewan McGregor's singing. And he was just in Big Fish, too. That's so cool, he's just everywhere now! Good for him!

Yup, yup. The extent of my social life: sitting at home, reading, writing, and watching movies. I guess it's a good enough way to live! I even turned down a friend on a birthday party invite, because I'm anti-social. I like going to parties, just not this weekend. But I fabricated a good alibi so I wouldn't hurt her feelings. I just really don't feel like doing anything. Especially with a cold. I'd rather just read... or write, and watch a movie!

And my head is hurting again. I was naughty, I had a half of a half of a sub for lunch. A meatball sub. And then I had a few little chocolates on the side. Quite a little vacation from the usual crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich, or nothing at all. I mean, if I'm gonna eat so much, it might as well be healthy! Especially since I'm not feeling well. Why didn't someone talk me into an apple, instead?

I saw the Today Show this morning! I hate Katie, Matt, Al and Ann, I hate them with a passion, but they had Ben Stiller on there, and he's just cool. I love his movies, I even love that Jack Johnson video with him in it, and I can't wait for Along Came Polly, even if it does have Jennifer Anniston. It's also got Debra Messing, and she's, like, my hero, so it's all good. Normally most romantic comedy movies suck, but Ben Stiller's got a different kind of humour that's not overdone like Adam Sandler's. Adam Sandler always acts the same in every role he plays, and it annoys me. Even if I like his Channuka song.

Well, I was gonna go off on a "have you heard of such and such movie with Adam Sandler that's coming out?" route, but I'm sure it'll bore you. I'll save it for another entry.

No more movie talk, Amanda! Bad, bad, Amanda! *thwack* Oww.

Anyway, also on the Today Show was good ol' Steven Cojocaru with the style watch! I'm glad to report that those stupid velour track suits are finally, finally out of style. Now it's the yoga suit, much more conservative and classy. At least I think so. Hey, I wonder if my suede boots are on sale yet? Hrm, I guess I'll have to check in a wee bit, huh?

I've got a shopping itch. I have to get some new clothing, I don't care what or where or when (just as long as "when" is soon), but I have to. I guess it's a good thing my b-day is fast approaching! I'm going to keep reminding everyone who cares so I get cards. Coughcoughmarchsecondcoughcough.

The big one seven is coming. I can get rated R movies (see? More movies, can this be healthy?), and PA cds, and so on, and no one can stop me. Except for maybe Mum.

My brother's going through a rough time at school, and it's causing a ripple of rough times at home. Everyone was arguing last night, and it's a terrible thing when we all argue. It doesn't happen that often since my dad went to New York so long ago, and when it does happen, it's usually pretty tough to get over. But I think everyone's fine now. Good thing, too. I'm really worried about Mum because she's going to nightschool now for her degree, and I don't want her to have all this excess stress.

I talk about stress and here I sit at the computer on a school day complaining to you. Well, c'est la vie.

I could be catching up on some French homework, I guess I'll do that tonight. I want to go to bed early tonight, too. I'm tired of waking up so groggy and sick because of lack of sleep. I might even catch up on some sleep later on today, because it's really adversly affecting me, physically and mentally (the latter of the two includes consideration of my constant pms-y attitude lately).

And today's title came from Will & Grace. What a wonderful show!

Well, I think I'm off. I have french homework a-callin', and perhaps a little sleep to be had. It can't hurt. Toodles!

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