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She once gave me a breath mint, and I woke up four days later with my clothes on backwards and a sticker of Baltimore on my forehead.
[2004-02-08 @ 8:35 p.m.]

Beatles week is over. It's sad. That's right, on Monday quite a few years ago, the Beatles landed in America and changed our music industry forever. Let's thank them a million, zillion, kajillion times over. Without them, who knows what terrible mess we'd be listening to? I mean, every band might have sounded like Good Charlotte if it hadn't been for that wonderous Fab Four from Liverpool. So, thank you! I speak for all of America when I thank you four for the work you've done. And Happy Beatles Week!

Okay, that's over. Today was a big day! And by big I mean I got out of the house! Be proud! Well, I went with Mum and Ben (my brother) shopping for new school supplies (my new term started last week), stopping at stores including Micheal's Arts and Crafts, Office Max, and Target (and Bed Bath and Beyond, but that didn't pertain to school stuff). Surprisingly, I saw three different people from school at three different stores! You would not believe that misfortune... I mean, luck. Well, I mean, let's get real. I don't want to see people from school on the weekends. No one wants to.

But I bought (to feed my addiction) a new action figure! Yes! I collect action figures. I got (guess who) a new Frodo Baggins action figure! I really need a Samwise action figure, too. Well, anyway, my brother got another Aragorn (go figure), and my collection of LOTR/Matrix action figures is constantly growing! How very proud I am! *grins* I'm a LOSER! HOORAY!

And I saw Charlize Theron on Inside the Actor's Studio. She's the schiz. I mean, Cate Blanchett and Debra Messing will always be my foremost heroes, but Charlize Theron is just way too cool!And, yes, I watch Inside the Actor's Studio. I wanna see Monster with Charlize Theron, but I think it's gonna be awhile (a looong while) before my parents let me see it. Understandable, I'm sure. I mean, I'm only seventeen in a few weeks. When I'm 18, then I'll rent it and see it. If I can find it. I also wanna see The Dreamers because the cinematography of it looks stunning. You wouldn't believe some of the breathtaking shots in that movie, from what I've seen. Just shots of the three characters running through a museum-ish place, but then it stills in black and white and then cuts back to the coloured movement like it's connecting with an old photo... it's just cool. But with the nudity in it, that's another one my parents are gonna be restrictive about. It's sad that I never hear about some of the more mainstream movies, sometimes. Like everyone's talking about EuroTrip, and I just saw the trailer yesterday. I'm supposed to be up to par with this news!

Oh! I was looking for paint today in the Arts store, and this lady standing next to me was so nice and just randomly talking to me. She asked me why I needed it, and I answered Ceramics. She asked me if I liked that class, and I said it was okay, but I would have rather taken a painting class but my schedule was screwed up and I was prevented from it. She said she was sorry, and I said that it was nothing compared to how disappointed I was about being cheated out of continuing drama. She asked if I loved drama, and I answered that I did with a disturbing passion, and I'm going to be a film major! And she wished me luck! It's always neat to talk to nice people like that. And garsh knows I need all the luck I can get.

Geez, I'm getting boring again, aren't I? First action figures, now films, I really need something new to talk about. Err... hummm... Oscars are coming! That's my Superbowl! By the way, who won the Superbowl? No, wait, better question: who was playing? No, don't answer, I wouldn't know if you were speaking English or not. I'm a winter sports person. Like hockey and figure skating and speed skating and soccer... no, wait, that last one is spring... or fall. Whatever, I love soccer. I played it for awhile. I was the worst on the team, but I had fun. And now I'm better than my friends and I can do a wee bit of showing off! That's right! Nothing compared to what I can show off with on skates since I took lessons on ice for seven years. I also used to take ballet and tap and gymnastics... Hmm, that just makes me sound artistic! I like to pretend that I'm artistic! It makes me feel fulfilled and purposeful. I think...

Well, well, well. This whole entry is just sorta going downhill, am I wrong? Of course not, I'm never wrong! Except for that one time with Mount Everest... which reminds me, I heard about a new film called Touching the Void about a mountain expedition gone wrong and it was a true story and...

BAD AMANDA! Sorry, I keep going down that road. I'll never get anyone to read my diary if I keep talking about movies that no one cares about. No. More. Movies. That cuts my conversation topics in half. Let's see... I... umm... geez... It's Grammy night. I hope Evanescence kicks serious butt. And, hmm, I... like... chocolate. Sure, that works.

I can't believe it's almost my birthday! I can't believe I'm almost the big 1-7! Whew, that just sounds so much older than 16. And 16 sounds older than 15. But 18 doesn't sound too much older than 17. And the twenties all roll together up until 28, and then you start sounding... mature. And after that you're just old. I probably won't think so once I'm 30-something. But I probably won't have to care, because by then the human genome project will prevent everyone from ever dying. Joan Rivers is their test dummy. The point is that it's almost my birthday, and you must love me. Or hate me, that's up to your discretion. But it's almost my birthday.

I have no idea why this time it seems like a quasi-big deal. Maybe it's because it means I'm almost out of the house. That's weird to think about, living in the Big City so far away from Mum and Ben. Living with Dad. Getting that film major I keep dreaming about. Maybe getting to travel to London like my grandpa used to promise, and I'll take Mum and Ben with me. And when I get famous, I'll buy a house in a foreign country that offers Duel Citizenship and I'll get Mum a house nearby so she can stay with me all the time. And I'll have a pet wallaby named either Rocko or Benecio. Or maybe Uma or Antonio or Téa. *giggles* I love those names! They're so neat! I got stuck with boring, old Amanda. Everybody's named Amanda. It's that Scarecrow and Mrs. King show from the 80's or 70's or whatever. Stupid Scarecrow and stupid Mrs. King.

Hmm. While I'm thinking of it, my title came from Will and Grace. The best show eva to grace my humble being.

My brother is ill. His blood sugar is extremely high, and his throat is sore. Mum thinks it's strep. Poor little buddy, he's always sick. Poor us, it makes him irritable and he's bit my head off more than usual today.

I'd best be off, it's time for his snack. He's checking his blood sugar right now. Toodles!

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