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[2004-02-20 @ 6:04 p.m.]

Hey ya! So, how are you all today?

Don't answer that. My day was fine, though, thanks for asking. Last night sucked. I missed the new episode of Will & Grace and I missed half of the Apprentice! I saw who got fired by Trump and his hair, but I didn't see the rest. Curses! Did they have to renovate appartments? That's all I gathered. The usual team lost and boo-hoo, woopdeedoo. But it still upsets me. I was busy typing an English paper, three pages, thag you very buch! And, still, I didn't finish my physics homework last night. I also didn't finish it in Ceramics today. I also didn't finish it in Orchestra today. But, luckily, I did finish it in Physics. Orchestra was a pain in the butt today. The teacher was nearly crying. He ran into his office and left us all there with ten minutes left of class, so we played Mozart sans conductor (so we sounded incredibly bad)(worse than usual).

You know, it really makes me angry that no one in my orchestra class takes the class itself seriously. I don't pretend that I practise my cello every single day, but I do appreciate it as an art. Everyone there thinks Orchestra is a slack-class, an easy A and that they don't need to try. I want to hit them with my cello's bow (the stick I use to play with, in case you're unaware) and scream, "Hey, stupid, there are people here who care, so GET OUT!" And there really are people in the class who like what we do there, and they're all in the front rows, me included. The people who don't care start rubbing off on everyone else, and by the end of the class period, there's a good three people actually trying to play. It's driving me insane, and now it looks as though we've lost every chance of going to compete.

I hate teenagers.

Are all other teenagers like them? I'm not, and I'm almost seventeen now (ten or so more days- hooray!).

Well, otherwise, lunch was fun. We tried to coordinate moves in the courtyard. And by we I mean my friends and I, Kelly, Lliz (yes, two "L"s), Jenni (from Ceramics class), and Spicy (a kid on my bus). Then we mimed, yes mimed, and then we played with sticks. Well, tried to without getting in trouble. That got too hard, though. Lunch is always fun, especially under a shaded sun on a slightly cool day, just doing the can-can on a bench, the breeze playing with your hair like the laughter on your lips. So serene, like nostalgic childhood memories, the innocent immaturity that is hard to grasp at such an indecisive age.

I love times like that.

Yup, yup. And my Ceramics project- a clay (duh) corner of a room featuring a surrealistic style- sucks. The walls have fallen down five times now, and it was due today. So far I've only added a couch and a window that's an eye (the sun is an eyeball, the curtains are eyelashes). I hate it. The clay has gotten so hard that when I work it, it crumbles. It's past "leather-hard", it's "bone-dry", and I it makes me want to break into hysterical tears of pain and agony. Stupid Ceramics! My fickle friend! One day you love me, the next I lie forsaken on the clay-ridden chalky floor! Never again shall I trust another art form but the theatre! Curse you, clay! Any clay, Clay Aiken included!

I'll be fine, once my head stops spinning and that whole green pea-soup thing ends. I think my eyes will be red for a few days, though... you know, I've never seen The Exorcist. Mum said that Dad cried for fear during it. He denied it, but I believe her.

In other news, the 22nd is the Screen Actor's Guild Awards! Woo-hoo! Who else here is excited? I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait... I'm such a sucker for the entertainment industry. Curses, I'm addicted. That's weird, because I don't have an addictive personality. Whoa, I haven't had caffiene in thirty minutes now. Where's my coffee?

Mum is at class, Ben (my brother is sick), Gammie (my Grandmother) is indifferent, and I had to make Ben (my brother) dinner. But good news! This weekend is the last weekend set of classes for Mum! Never again will she be gone all Saturday! Never again!

Well, Ben (my brother) wants to play Sims. Crrrazy. Toodles!

And considering my aching back (because of those garsh dern "girl problems"), today's quote is via the woman (due to self-healing plastic) that will never die: Joan Rivers. Crrrazy.


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