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[2004-02-21 @ 9:54 p.m.]

First things first...

I hope that picture pops up... That's the painting I did of a yellow rose. It's abstract, can you tell? Yeah. Well, it's called "Rose of Friendship" and it's part of a series. I also made a vessel (a pot) that's a rose, and it will be glazed in red and called "Rose of Love" because yellow roses symbolize friendship, red symbolize, guess what, love. I thought it was pertininent. And if you think that I've gone soft, than wait until you read the rest of the entry.

So, guess what I watched today. No, you'll probably never guess. It begins with a "Kate" and ends with an "& Leopold". Give up? Kate and Leopold, you know, Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman? Normally I... hate "romantic comedies", but this one was really good. I liked the ending a lot. I never thought that I'd cheer for someone to jump off a bridge, but I did. And it was good. I mean I actually *gulp* liked it.

And you'll never let me forget it, will you?

Yeah, yeah. I'm a floggin' softy. First I'm painting pictures of roses, next I'm yelling, "Jump off the bridge, Kate! Run, run to Leopold! STUPID! RUN!" That'll probably never happen again. Oh, and then I watched Shrek. I can't wait for Shrek II! Puss in Boots was my favourite fairy-tale creature growing up, and I always imagined him sounding like Antonio Banderas.

And, and, and, and, and, and... Screen Actor's Guild Awards tomorrow! YESSSSSS!!! And a whole lotta massive studyin' for my Physics test on Monday. I don't have a clue what significant digits are, and if I don't learn by Monday, I can kiss any chance of a good grade goodbye. I'm at a disadvantage because I never had Chemistry, so I never had the basics spoon-fed to me like everyone else in the class. As a matter of fact, my teacher hasn't taught me squat about it, and the book is no help. Maybe there's some kind of online resource that I can... nah.

And, Sarah, that rocks that you got to see the filming of a show. I'd give a tooth (not a front one, mind you) to see that. And you've got as good a chance as any at becoming an actress. I've been dreaming since I was... *rolls eyes* what, six? Crazy. Actually, I was about four when I started entertaining. Ah yes, I remember it well...

It was Halloween, and I wasn't out trick-or-treating in my California town, I was at a train-station dressed up as a very convincing Ms. Piggy. And I was taking tap lessons at the time, and I started tapping for everyone there. And then there was the time in Hawaii that I hula danced for everyone, and people filmed me doing it... and... well, I've always been a ham, a sucker for attention. So, yes, I see where you're coming from. The lifestyle... the entire job interests me (as well as you!) because I enjoy it so much.

Wait, what was I talking about? You know, I don't remember. Yes. Wait. No. Wait, yes. Back to the... umm... curses. I'll get back to that.

I really only wanted to show you all my artwork. Unfortunately, my photography leaves a lot to be desired, and that picture got a lot of the newspaper I set it on. Sorry 'bout that. I was trying to get it directly from above, and being six feet tall, you'd think that'd be a bit easier than it really was. I guess I'm just stupid! Yup, guess so. Oh, and my brother "accidentally" updated my diary with his entry. Crazy kid. Now I have to get him back... bwahahaha...

Well, I must be off. Sorry it's so much shorter than usual. As I believe I've stated before, I only really wanted to post the picture and tell you (coughcough) that (coughsputtercough) Kate and Leopold was (HACKHACKCOUGH) good.


And today's title came from Monty Python.


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