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[2004-04-03 @ 10:00 p.m.]

It's Saturday.

I guess as far as Saturdays go, this one was pretty good. We all got along well enough to hit the stores. Target, I got a new purse. It's the Statue of Liberty with little rhinestones and stuff on it, because I'm in a jaded, New York state of mind lately. Guess I can't wait for college! Then we went to Best Buy, I skimmed the dvds while my brother played video games (he decided he wants the new Ratchet and Clank for Easter). After that I got Girl with a Pearl Earring at Barnes and Noble, and I read a bit of it today. It's actually very good, I really like the short and declaritve syntax that, amazingly, makes beautiful and astoot observations and paints a picture that's eloquent and, though reserved, quite stunning! I was reading it in the grocery store, Harris Teeter, and my brother got very mad at me. Usually I'm running into things because I'm looking at magazine covers of all of the people I want to be like, this time I was reading a book. I feel really sorry for the lady that didn't want to run me over, I held up a lot of traffic.

I used to be able to walk and read really well. I'd walk down hallways with my nose in a book, and I'd turn every corner mechanically. See, I've always been a loser! I like reading though, because I get pictures in my mind of what the character has to look like and has to do, and the sets and the clothes. The expressions and mannerisms... I'd find it so hard to play Grieta in that book, having to look down but still seem wise. It makes me so happy! See, I've always been a loser.

Tomorrow Mum promised to watch O Brother, Where Art Thou? with my brother and I. She hates George Clooney, as do I, with a deep passion. I had to explain that Ulysses Everret Miguel is no mere George Clooney character, but one with "the capacity for abstract thought." Seriously, if you've never seen that movie, you really should. My brother was just looking at the extra features of the dvd, and he ran into the room, telling me excitedly about how the director took the film and actually coloured some of the backrounds on a computer to make the fields all yellow, or make the sky and road a darker red. I told him that that's why movies are great, because there's no limit to them! It's nice to see that I rub off on people. Ben (my brother) also told me that he wants more premium movie channels besides Encore, because he loves movies. I'm doing a "Told ya so, told ya so, toldatoldatoldya so" song and dance in my head right now.

So, in other news... oh, yeah, there is no other news. Errm... I hate Physics even more than I ever did before. At first the concept was fun, but now I don't even want to understand it at all. I don't want to know that forces on water in a spinning bucket don't keep it in, that velocity does. I don't want to know how to find the acceleration of a clown on an upside-down bike. I don't care. I honestly just don't care. It's beyond the deep hatred I have for math, because at least math has some pertinence to outside life, or seems more plausible and interesting (I can't believe I'm saying that). I just sincerely don't like doing anything in that class. I don't like to learn physics. Even if I understood it, I wouldn't want to... does that make sense? Well, it should. And the fact that I have a C and I'm actually doing better than about half of the class should just tell you that it's not a good subject. Never, ever take Physics.

And I made a can of Spam and two spamwiches for ceramics (we had to make food). And I also made a highheel turning into a leopard (it had to be a shoe turning into something) that looked like the hood of a Jaguar. And that's the kind of car that I want five of when I get famous! Okay, just one, but I want one when I get famous! Or a Hybrid to save the enviroment. One of the two. And I re-challenged the girl that wrongfully took my cello-chair. And English class is, well, it's English. We've been writing essays. And stuff. It's English class. School is boring.

And I'm either getting really bad allergies, or my devastating cold is back. Once again I sound like a thirteen year-old boy going through puberty. See, I gave it to Mum who, I think, gave it back to me. I haven't slept really well in weeks, and I woke up really early this morning and took a shower before anyone else was up. I keep coughing, and I can't breathe, and I have bags under my eyes that would give Joan Rivers a heart attack. "Oh my gaw, Melissa, please tell me that...ack..." Then the entire carpet bursts into cheers and tears of joy. Which reminds me: rumours that 1. Hilary Duff died in a car accident and 2. The drama teacher was fired for having sex with a student are two rumours that are not funny, not even on April Fool's Day. I don't like Hilary Duff, but she's really young to die, and I don't think death jokes are all that funny for anyone, not even if it's Britney Spears or Hugh Grant. And I don't know if the drama teacher was fired or not, but nothing was on the news about it. So, not funny!

The title today is from a certain George Clooney movie that I've mentioned quite a few times in here. And I'm looking for a job this summer that doesn't include hard labour or loud noise. Any suggestions? Toodles!

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