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He dumped me in a restaurant. It was harsh. So was the lighting. He gave me this watch to remember him by, he doesn't know it yet.
[2004-05-21 @ 7:16 p.m.]

Ohh. Today was one of the worst Fridays ever to pass my being. I swear...

I was so tired this morning, I nearly fell asleep on the bus. I was up all night trying to gather up my English binder. You see, we have to keep up journals for AP English, and I basically print out exactly what I write on here, but we also have to write one entry a week that responds to something in class, and everyone takes turns reading, two people a day. I usually don't write them until I have to read them, so you can imagine that I was short in the class entries. All night I wrote some. And all day I wrote some more. I even skimped on the Physics homework (I got it "done", but only by writing meaningless numbers and equations down) to do this bit of homework. So then I get to English and he doesn't collect it. Doesn't collect my journal! AHH! Let me just rip my hair out in a secluded corner, please!

And Physics was... phun? Well, the teacher left right when class started to go to a science-y thing with some science-y students, and we just reviewed our homework. After that we had free time (which I'm sure we were supposed to be doing something constructive with), and some people were playing cards, and Lliz (two l's) was studying, and I drew a picture of Spongebob Squarepants for the teacher and left it in her inbox. So then Lliz and I slipped out about seven minutes early while no one was looking (I'm an upstanding student: I stand up and walk out), and hung out around the windows of other classrooms to create momentary controversy. I was dressed "laid-back prep" and she's always really, really goth (like actually pretty goth, though, not like poser, loser goth... it's weird), so people were staring. And we ran into Kelly's chemistry room... I've never even taken chemistry, so people stared at me even more. See, Physics is an honours course, but, probably, also the school's hardest course offered. But I couldn't take chemistry because my schedule was messed up. But now we're studying circuitry in Physics, and a lot of people have already taken a technology course, and everyone (but me) has taken Chemistry. So, naturally, since Physics is the level of science after Chemistry, there's quite a bit of chemistry involved in the electronic part of Physics. I've been so lost in the homework when we have to do moles or provide the amount of heat loss for something. I can't do that! I've never learned it! My teacher assured me that it wouldn't be on the test... I hope she's right. *sigh* Too bad it's not anything I can learn over this weekend.

Oh! I also hate orchestra. And there's no way I'm ever going to finish my ceramics projects in time for Tuesday. I still have to pierce my bowl (that I made on the wheel), make a windchime, build and carve a Chinese "bronze" box, and sculpt Tom Cruise sliding across the floor in a pair of tighty-whiteys.

My only problem is that Tom Cruise has to be an animal. It has to be an animal doing something human, and I can think of nothing funnier than an animal on a wooden floor with tighty-whiteys and a pair of sunglasses. So, if Tom Cruise were an animal, what animal do you think he'd be?

This is gonna have to sum up here, there's a major thunder storm coming, my windows are shaking. My computer will crash if it gets too bad, so I really have to dash.


Oh, and today's title is from the Macaulay Culkin episode of Will & Grace.

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