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Did you know that the penalty for jumping off a building in New York is death?
[2004-06-22 @ 2:48 p.m.]


Okay. The facts:

1. This morning I was sitting in the room next to my kitchen, the living room, with my brother. The tv was on low, and we weren't looking into the kitchen, but it was empty of people and pet dogs, as my mum was in the computer room and Gammie was upstairs and the dogs were outside. All of a sudden my brother and I heard a scraping sound in the kitchen, the distinct sound of someone dragging a chair across the linoleum. When I looked in, the kitchen was still empty, but one of the chairs had been turned and pulled out from under the table. My brother heard the noise at the same time because we both exclaimed, "What was that!?!" in the middle of Dora the Explorer.

2. I was going to make a paper tree today, so I laid out the paper on the clean kitchen table (forgetting what had happened hours earlier), and started reading an article about how sexy Orlando Bloom is (with a note of disgust, though he is pretty sexy). I heard the sound of taping fingers (and accompanying fingernails) on the table beside me, I could even feel the quake of it on the table. I started folding my paper so I could get out of there, remembering suddenly about the chair, when my paper ripped slightly, right in the middle. I said, "Fine then," and left in a hurry.

So now my brother and I are laughing about it, yelling, "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELLS YOU!" and brandishing Bibles. It worked, though. Nothing's happened since.

Or so far, anyway... (today's title is from the Smoking Gun tv)...

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