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[2004-07-18 @ 3:52 p.m.]

It is absolutely freezing all over my house. And the pollen count outside must be extraordinarily high because I feel terrible. My throat is raw and my nose is stuffed and my head is splitting. Fun fun fun. So basically I cleaned today. Again, fun fun fun.

Otherwise, nothing is going on. Which means I get to talk about my feelings! And what I've discovered about Teletubbies.

Yes, Teletubbies. You know, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala, and Po. If you watch that show carefully, there's a teletubby for four groups of people. Po is the white female, as evidenced by her white skin. Lala is an Asian, as evidenced by her darker skin (and very offensively represented by her yellow colour). Dipsy is black, he has dark skin. And Tinky Winky is gay, he's purple, has an upside-down triangle above his head (I never understood that symbol, but please don't explain it to me), and he carries a purse. If you want to go so far, Po could actually also represent socialism, because she's red like the Communist flag. You can't tell me the creators didn't do all that on purpose, though they did deny it when parents were upset over Tinky Winky's suggested homosexuality. But this is just what I've noticed from what I've seen. Other than vague acceptance teachings, I doubt that Teletubbies really do anything for the mental state of children anyway.

So! Yes! Back on track. Life is blah. I figure that sooner or later blah will become ick, and that ick over the years will turn into a long "why me?" I may as well enjoy the blah years while I can, eh?

Now, see, my brother and I have an ongoing argument going on that's getting to me. He says that movies aren't important, that they don't do anything for anyone in the world. I completely disagree. He has a point, that doctors and lawyers and business men make the world go 'round, and that movie stars don't deserve the money they get (never mind the fact that some doctors and lawyers and business men make as much if not more than movie stars, ie: Bill Gates or Donald Trump). And when was the last time that a movie star saved a family from a fire in real life? And, to be honest, do you really want Calista Flockhart as a lawyer? Could Harrison Ford ever be an archeologist? And sure he looks good pretending, but no one would really want Tom Cruise to fly them anywhere in a jet. Maybe repeating lines in front of a camera isn't the most respectable job.

But I think it's still important. I like the way it was put in The Dead Poets Society, that doctors keep us alive, but art is what we live for. I mean, think about it, the men in the army are treated regularly to a dose of entertainment by troupes of actors and comedians. Wouldn't that be excruciating without something fun to look forward to? Doctors and lawyers and business men all come home from a hard day's work to watch television or a movie, or read the paper or a book. People love to own and look at paintings, and music can be relaxing or connecting. Art is every bit as important as science. A brilliant writer couldn't be a brilliant doctor, but could a brilliant doctor be a brilliant writer? Look at movies. The Passion of the Christ made an impact so large that it converted masses, and even led to a confession of murder by a viewer. Top Gun fueled American spirits. Even Farenheit 9/11 is meant to open people's eyes (though I don't agree with the opinion). Entertainment has an impact. Writers put columns in newspapers to show people the truth. And even in fiction is truth, because fiction can even bring problems and conversial topics to the surface of society. I wouldn't want a world without art just like my brother wouldn't want a world without science.

And that's just something that's been eating away at me.

And life is still blah.

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