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[2004-08-03 @ 8:07 p.m.]

Today was busy, yet I still managed to be at home for most of it. This summer has sucked due to circumstances beyond control. But one good thing about all this time around the house is quality time with my family.

So, about my day! I woke up at 6:30. That should tell you about everything else that happened to me. Well, okay. I had slept for a total of three hours in the wee morning beforehand, because I had a head full of curlers, the kind with the velco on them so they "self-stick" (which was itchy and didn't work very well, so it was a lose/lose situation), so they hurt twice as badly as the soft kind that just twist and stay in. So, I woke up and ate a miniature breakfast, and my brother went to the dentist (more about that later...) with my mum, so I had the house basically to myself. I took all the curlers out of my hair (ripping chunks of it out because the curlers stick better to dry hair than wet), put on my best makeup, and then picked out a good shirt and pants. Then I watched Blue's Clues until Mum returned with some news about the dentist (again, details to follow).

So then I made my brother change into a nice shirt (that didn't say Audioslave across the front) and made him brush his hair, and Mum took us to my school for my senior pictures (yay!). I had to take a few casual portraits, and I was supposed to bring a "prop". Well, how the heck to I show my favourite things in my picture? What do I do, bring a film camera and film cans? So I packed a painting and an easel with a paintbrush, but dragged my brother along because I wanted to use him as my prop. I was afraid they wouldn't allow that, that they wouldn't take two pictures for the price of one or something like that... but they let me! And what's more, they thought it was the cutest thing ever! One girl started saying that she wished she had brought her own brother, and one guy actually picked his brother up and put him on his lap during his shooting! Then one girl took me into the bathroom and made me take off my shirt (this doesn't sound like it's going well, does it?) and put on a "wrap" around my shoulders for the formal pictures, the ones that go in the yearbook. I took those ones, blahblahblah, aaand I got to put my shirt back on (yay!), and I high-tailed it outta there.

We came back home, ate lunch, I watched a little of The Producers... which, by the way, I found very very unfunny. I know that makes me sound un-artistic, and I'm sure that the more intellectual art students find "Springtime For Hitler" incredibly hillarious, and I'm not saying that it didn't make any good points, but I just didn't find it funny. I don't like Gene Wilder, he scares me, and Mel Brooks is funny, but not in bulk. Or maybe that's just me. So, after that, Mum took me to my brother's school, and we visited his school counselor, gave her a gift from Bath and Body Works, and looked around at the new placement of the medical equipment. Apparently some of the students were stealing the milk for the diabetic kids from the diabetic refridgerator, and my brother's diabetic, so I'm none-too-happy 'bout it. But this new nurse seems to have it under control. The last nurse had a nervous breakdown. Anyway, then my mum took me next door to my highschool, so I could talk to my counselour. I had an appointment for 2:15 in the afternoon, and we waited until 3:15 to talk to her. And only two people saw her in that hour that I waited. Two. She was talking to their parents the entire time, chatting, we could hear the pointless laughter. So, then we finally got to see her and the problem took five minutes to fix. It could have been done over the phone when I was called, but nooo. But I did get a preview of my schedule! So I know the teachers I have already! YAY! Then the counselour asked me as I walked out the door, "What are your plans for college? Do you and your mom want to sit down and talk to me about your options?" So, I said, "Well... my dad works at Columbia University, so I get paid tuition..." to which my mum added, "She only has to pass the entrance exam to get in." The counselour was basically jumping up and down, "Well, I'm not worried 'bout you at all, then!" I was just glad to get out of there.

So, the dentist. Yes... the dentist. My mum made a magnet for her dietetics school project, on the health of baby teeth, and her teacher liked it so much, so very much, that she recommended my mum get a patent on it and send it to a health company to have it reproduced and sent to women's shelters around the world. But before she could send the thing to congress, she had to get the statements checked first, so she let my pediatric dentist see it. The pediatric dentist kept it. And didn't give it back. That is, until my mum got really upset and made a major complaint other than the occasional phone call. So, now, a few months later, my dentist refuses to see me for three to four years because I'm being considered a "new patient". But she was willing to see my younger brother! When Mum took him, the dentist wouldn't even talk to her, and she said, "Ben's the special one in the family, we take good care of him!" Which doesn't make sense to me, because she always gives prizes to her patients, and my brother didn't get a prize this time. So, I get a new dentist. An adult dentist. I have an adult dentist in New York, but she's evil. Just plain mean. She talked to me like I was an ignorant "country bumpkin" because I'm just below the DC line. Oh please, her office was so far out in the woods and rocks that it was carved into a mountains-side. I've never lived on a farm in my life, but she seems to think that I have. "So, what do they teach in highschools down south? Do you attend agriculture classes and stuff?" Oh, please!

Oh, and yesterday I got to go to Barnes and Noble! COFFEE! I also got Entertainment Weekly, with a big, fat close-up of Joaquin Pheonix and a two-page interview with M. Night Shyamalan. He'd better watch out, because I'm going to take his job one of these days. Ooooh, one of these days...

Which got me to thinkin' (I know, this is a long entry, get over it!), being a fan is different from being a loser. No, I'm still standing by what I said before, but I'm modifying it a bit, so that it might make more sense. Obsession is weird, looking up to is different. I think I'll take the heroes that I can get now to shape my endeavours in hopes that one day I can be a hero to shape the endeavours of others, you know? But there are some people that just live, eat, and breathe the work of someone else. Ringers, Trekkies, Pot-Heads... they, instead of devoting all artistic pursuits to their own ideas, devote their talents to the ideas of others, which I find to be a waste. Yay, Lord of the Rings is nice, but there are nicer things in the world. Hooray, Harry Potter is suspenseful, but there are more suspenseful things in the world. I have a feeling that people still won't understand... but, I do, and I guess that's all that matters!

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