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[2004-08-13 @ 3:14 p.m.]

Is it just me, or is the world going mad?

Maybe it's just me, me watching too much of the Discovery Channel. I'm so sick of nutjobs and their alien stories! I'd sooner believe in leprechauns, talking mice named Mickey, or even pigs that fly than I'd believe that people live on other planets. Call me crazy, call me uptight, call me traditional, call me because I'm single, call me close-minded, but dontcha think that if aliens are constantly seen in the skies that they would have made real, substantial human contact by now? They've been supposedly seen by everyone as far back as the Aztecs, and yet there's no sufficient evidence of their existence. Huh... wonder why that is? Maybe it's because they... DON'T EXIST!

I could understand seeing a "UFO". I really could. To be quite honest, I've seen one before, when I was camping in my backyard. My dad saw it, my brother saw it, I saw it. We all saw it. And we were all scared out of our wits. But to believe that creatures from another planet, another time era, even another reality, is absolutely ludicrous. I would tend to believe that if it's anything, it's a natural phenomenon, or even a government thing. And I really don't care either way! If it's natural, then hurrah for nature, if it's government, it's got to be for our good, or else we'd all be dead by now, wouldn't we?

Why am I going on like this? Because my "religious fundamentalist" grandmother (I call her Gammie) honestly believes in aliens. I said flat out that I thought it was crazy, and she jumped down my throat and said that I shouldn't call people liars just because I wasn't there. Uh, yeah, I was. I've seen everything they've described, my brother and dad have too (I remind you), and I still think it's crazy. To be honest, I think it has a lot to do with religion.

See, I'm Penecostal, a type of Protestantism. I've been paying a lot of attention to things about religion or the paranormal, because I've noticed that everything ties together. Yup. I'm of a really sound mind, to start this off. I'm not the kind of person that is open to everything, I'm quite a skeptic. Heck, I'm even skeptical of skepticism. But I think that helps rather than hurts my standpoint. I've noticed that every religion but mine has had proof in recent years, supernatural proof to support it.

If you still don't believe me, I'll cite a few examples. In India in 1995, a Hindu priest offered milk to a Ganesh, and the milk amazingly disappeared. Word spread all over India about it, and in seventy-two hours, Hindu statues from India to England to Canada were drinking milk from spoons, cups, hands, any milk offered. One Ganesh at an Indian temple drank its offering, and then nectar flowed from its feet, and holy ash from its head. The "miracle" was documented by the most credible of journalists of any religion, but also quickly fell into obscurity, though never dispelled as a hoax.

In Thailand a Buddhist priest wandered into a forest, and fell into a slumber, dreaming of sixteen maidens. These sixteen maidens were reminiscent of the sixteen Nareepol maidens that protected Buddha while he slumbered beneath his tree. The priest woke, and stumbled along his original path, only to come across a beautiful tree full of blooming flowers, and three flowers each held one nestled maiden, that closely resembled shrivled fruit. The Nareepol maidens have been dissected, examined, everything thinkable, and no distinct origin for the fruit maidens can be provided. A set of American scientists found pollen on the inside of the maiden, and determined the skin was that of an unknown fruit. Other scientists say that there is no bone structure in the fruit, so it can't be real. But it's agreed that if it's a hoax, then it's the among the most elaborate hoaxes created.

One Muslim girl in Lebanon, at the mere age of twelve, cried tears of sharp crystal (sharp enough to cut paper) from March until November of 1996. Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani experienced no pain from the crystals, and they were proven to be real. Film clips showed the crystal, and this was weird to see it, but the crystals were visibly moving up to the corners of her eyes, and each appeared in a well of tears. She reported a "White Knight" at her window one night, and he told her that he was behind the event (her younger brother saw her speaking, but saw no one else there). The "White Night" reappeared many times, one time even telling her that everyone in her family should leave the house the next day, and everyone did but her younger brother, who was involved in a serious automobile accident, but escaped amazingly uninjured. Later she claimed that her story was a hoax, but it was proven against her, as she had visited an eye-doctor who claimed to witness the event as it first began. Also, the film footage never showed her placing the crystals in her eyes before hand, or even when she reached up to wiggle them free. It was clear that each one slid up to her eye and out, and no hoax was possible.

Catholicism also has its proof (believe it or not, haha, JUST KIDDING!). Countless accounts of the Virgin Mary (depicted in everything from statues, to paintings, even stained glass windows) crying normal tears, or even tears of blood have been reported and promptly documented. Sometimes the Virgin Mary cries every Sabbath day, but mostly during Lent. The most striking proof is a disease known as stigmata, where a Catholic will bleed from the hands or wrists, the crown of the head, and the feet all of the time, on Sabbath, or even all throughout Lent. Sometimes the disease will be present in a Muslim or Buddhist, and they convert to Catholicism. But I've never heard of a Protestant getting Stigmata, and we share the belief in Jesus with the Catholics.

Even Wiccans or occultists or super-naturalists have proof of their religion, even if it lies in little kids. Look at Ouiji boards, no one's controlling them, yet they prove to be so correct for those brave enough to use them. Even the smallest of children can play "Stiff as a Board, Light as a Feather", where a person can be levitated between two other people with just the touch of a finger over the chanting of the title of the game. Seances are performed every day to contact spirits beyond the grave, and most show true results. Even the Bloody Mary scare game can show proof of "beings on an ethereal plain".

And now there's the religions being formed because of alien abductions or sightings. I think it's ludicrous, I honestly do. So many eyewitness accounts, but not an ounce of film to prove an alien's existence. There's film of UFOs, but no films of aliens.

But such things are recorded in the King James version of the Protestant Bible. Revelations tells of the end events before the return of the Son of God, Jesus, when He comes back for his chosen people. One of the final events is that "strange lights" wil appear in the sky.

How does all of this add up? Well, though I didn't cover it all, there's proof of every religion but mine (save, except, Jedism... wonder why?). I find that it's a test of faith. It's easy to be swayed by popular opinion (a-hem... KERRY SUPPORTERS, coughcough), especially when popular opinion is backed with real, tangible evidence. And, if in the Bible, it says that we are God's children, if we are so loved by him, if we are created in his image, why the heck would he make another race of people on another planet? I think that all of this stupid UFO stuff, along with the drinking and crying statues, rebirth and crystal tears, is all silly, even if it is real, because it's all farce created to sway those of faith away from the truth of their faith. That's why I don't believe in aliens. I think that since all of this is already in the Bible, it would have said that there were other intelligent life forms on other worlds.

So, again, call me a religious fundamentalist, go ahead and accuse me of believing in the outrageous, call me a ghost-hunter or whatever, I don't care, because I know I'm a logical skeptic. That's all! Believing isn't seeing for me anymore, no matter how many eye-witness acounts.

Aaand... I gotta run before I sound even more like a crazy. Toodles!

Oh, and the title is from the "Fred Astaire and Ginger Chicken" episode of Will & Grace. Toodles!

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