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[2004-08-17 @ 2:29 p.m.]

While I wait for my white-out to dry, I may as well type to you! I'm working on my AP Government Assignment due tomorrow, and I realised I haven't updated. And I've a lot of things to update about.

My brother finally realises we're moving. He says he won't leave until he's eighteen, and he was serious when he said that he'd stay with his friends if we left. But this is the house I want. Apparantly, judging by the snow in the backyard, it's been on the market awhile. Inground pool, balcony in the front... It probably won't be there by the time we move, but I want it nonetheless. I actually love that house, it's on the cheap side of what my parents wanted to spend (they were looking for up to $400 thousand), and it's just the right location and space and, just look at it, it's like a ski lodge. It's so pretty! There was one I loved that we were considering that was built in 1850. I bet it's haunted. It was $450 thousand, and really open and beautiful, really, really big, but that'll probably be gone soon, too. *sigh* I have to live on campus my first year, though. It's required by the college, basically. I also have to have a meal card, all of which adds up to $10,000 per year. Which isn't so bad considering that I don't have to pay for tuition fees. After my freshman year I either live at home and commute or buy an apartment. Both are expensive options. The commute is roughly $500 a month from some parts my parents were considering, and an apartment can be anywhere above $1000 a month. Yikes! My dad suggested I get a roommate. I don't know anyone in New York, and, subsequently, am rendered incapable of finding someone willing to take me in. I guess I can get a job on the days I don't have school, but I dunno how that might work out.

Speaking of colleges, New York University keeps sending me stuff. I got an application in the mail that's only supposed to be sent per request, but I've never requested it. Maybe my dad did, and this is his discreet way of keeping me out of his affairs. Well, whatever the case, I have to apply to other colleges anyway, just in case, so this is my second choice. One of the essay questions is, "Pick and describe an artwork, be it novel, visual art, film, or musical piece, that has changed the way you look at the world." I've got so many films that changed me, that I can't pick just one. But I've got the perfect novel to share! Angela's Ashes, o'course! Because Frank McCourt has a certain pride in his shame, and even the worst occurance can weild an unearthly humour. So even if he's feeling down, it's not angsty, but poignant. And I kinda connected with that, and I think that everyone should see the way that he does, because it's a good look on life. And no matter how uneducated by our standards he was, he always seemed to be smarter than most people I've ever heard of. Plus, on top of that, he went to NYU, so it's an added bonus!

Anyway, back to the present-time. Tomorrow Mum's getting her hair cut, so I get to skip 'round the mall while we're there. I don't think we're doing anything but haircuts, but still, it'll be nice to get out of the house. If I'm feeling well enough, because right now something is up. I feel sorta under the weather. Which is bad since the weather is nice for once. It'd be a nice day to go to the beach. But I have a Constitution to go over, and a stomach to settle. I haven't been to the beach once this summer, not once. I'm such a whiner, I know, but this summer has been less than exciting. What with the impending lawsuits and such...

Oh, it just hit me. I have to go to Columbia or else I'll be stuck with classes with Mary Kate and Ashley. They're going to NYU, and considering the fact that they'll fail real subjects, they'll probably take the theatre and film classes I'll take. Maybe I'll luck out and they'll get such special treatment that they'll have their own private classes. Or I just won't have to go, and I can go to Columbia instead! YAY! I vote for the latter.

Ick. K, back to work with me. The title is from Whose Line Is It Anyway?. The show that asks a rhetorical question. The very question that has alluded man for centuries.

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