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[2005-08-03 @ 6:28 p.m.]

Well, today was supposed to be that luncheon, but we were all too tired to go after a long day at Busch Gardens yesterday.

We went in the afternoon after we went to my college and got the books I needed, but by the time we arrived, my brother's blood-sugars were so high we had to spend some time in the nurse's station. After that we rode water rides (I always got the wettest, amazingly enough), ate dinner in Ireland (bees really chase after corned beef), and saw Imaginique before leaving. If I were a French Canadian, I'd run away and join Cirque du Soleil. My favourite trick is the giant wheel, like a modified and dangerous hamster wheel. It always looked the most fun.

So, tomorrow we're going shopping and having more fun. Today's more a PS2-playing and egg-rolls-and-rice-for-dinner kinda day. Which is fun... in a nerdy sense!

My roommate took the initiative and called me. She lives in New York, and I didn't want to stack up a bill to discuss posters and chairs. I was going to snail-mail her, because the housing people didn't have the foresight to include email... or any easy form of communication. Well, we exchanged email addresses. It's a load off my shoulders, but I can't say I was honestly too worried about it. I'm rather apathetic towards the situation at this point.

My textbooks aren't so thrilling. I had heard about it, but I wasn't quite expecting an anti-Christian campaign in the first chapters of the majority of my texts. I'm just sticking to reading the plays at this point, and ignoring the big books. I want to start digging through my World Literature anthologies, though. I'm excited about that. Even if the class, itself, is going to be filled with older students since I skipped two Englishes. At least I'll look like the smart kid!

So, I'd probably better get back to that. I've got some emails I should reply to, and some upkeep to do. Then I kick my brother off the XBox so I can play Final Fantasy. *Muahaha!* I'm so obsessed with these games, that I want to play Kingdom Hearts now. Has anybody else played it? Is it any good? I know that some characters overlap, and I adore Disney. In any case, I need to finish these first... but I just can't... because I know what's coming and it's so, so sad! It's like watching a train wreck, or reading Thomas Hardy-- you know Anna Karenina is going to throw herself onto that track, and you know Henchard is gonna keel over, but you keep on reading!

Well, okay, I didn't keep on reading Tolstoy. But Hardy I kept reading. Because I always know there's only one chapter left after Hardy's protagonists die, but Tolstoy manages to kill his protagonists halfway through the book.

I don't know how I managed to connect Final Fantasy to Leo Tolstoy... I must be really weird...

Title's from Coupling. "The Man with Two Legs".

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