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[2005-08-09 @ 7:32 p.m.]

I think I've been doing work on this diary... but I can't tell because my web browser hates me. Safari, YOU SUCK! It's better than Firefox. But I miss windows... Probably because I'm so used to it. But, seriously, downloading is so easy on a mac. You just click and drag. That's it. I don't really ever download anything, but pictures of Disney characters currently litter my desktop.

So, last night I spent an hour in front of the tv/ps2 defeating this boss in Final Fantasy X-2 (because I'm so flippin' addicted to the game that I've devoted far too much of my life to it). An hour. At the end of the hour-long battle, no pauses, no potty breaks, no food nor drink, I decided to try this new attack that I hadn't used before. And died. An hour. Gone. Hence the title of this entry (though it really comes from Mystery Science Theatre 3000... might've been the "Prince of Space" one. That's a favourite of mine. With the monster who looks like Ross Perot and the chicken-people. "Oh, no! My coop! My beautiful coop!"). You people at Square Enix, you make me sick. "Noojie-woojie" indeed.

Wow. I must be just one big nerd right now. Guess it doesn't help to say I stayed up until 2 in the morning colouring my huge picture of Mulan and reading Thackeray. I always wake up at noon, so it's not a big loss. I did finish Mushu and Cri-Kee, though! Tomorrow I'm putting in some other minor characters. Shang, Ling, Yao, Chian-Po, Fa-Zhou... the works. Scatter them in the background for effect. I'll post the results! Yeah yeah yeah!

I need to make my mum a b-day gift. Any idées? No, don't answer, I'll figure out something for myself. ...hmm... I'll see what I have by way of supplies. I wish I had money, but alas, I do not. I know what I'd get her, too. It's not something I can make, though.

I promised my brother a picture of Link from the new Zelda. "Twilight Princess" is a silly title, but it's not nearly as silly as "Ocharina of Time". It's also supposedly the last one. Zelda's fun. I always wanted a role-reversal, though, where Zelda has to save Link. Not just that Sheik stuff, I mean you play as Zelda the entire game, and she saves him. Then I'd be more inclined to actually play, I think. Otherwise, I just watch my brother play. Too bad the series is ending. Unless it's like Ty Beanie Babies. Build up the frenzy to increase sales, and then two years later come back into business. Anyway, yay! Art project! I've been looking for requests, and I finally have one. I'd better prepare some studies...

Okay! Time ta get amped up. Time to defeat Angra Mainyu. I can take him! I can do it! It'll just take two hours! But I can do it! Yayah!

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