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[2005-10-06 @ 5:37 p.m.]

I have about a half an hour until dinner, and needed a break from trying to figure out Link's face. (Yeah, I finally settled on Link over Shiek. I'll draw Shiek/Zelda in Ocarina form, and hang it on my own wall, and give the Twilight Princess one to my brother.) I have his body and "tunic" (ie, skirt) mapped out, though.

I hope I'll be more regular on here! I'm such a bad Diarylander. *slaps own wrist* Five points to anyone who'll help me magically transform css to regular html, and thus help me with my layout. Another five points to s/he who develops either a Ratchet and Clank, Halo 2 (Covenant-free, please! I don't feel like looking at raggity old Prophets at the Arbiter for the rest of my life!), or Miyavi layout. (Yeah, I like spoiled little effeminate Miyavi. So sue me... but, don't, please!) Not even specifically for me, just anybody! We need representation from Bungie and Insomniac in the layout department! It's not as though there were no pictures of Master Chief or Cortana online! C'mon!

And another five points to s/he who actually understood the above paragraph.

Okie dokie, then! After dinner I have a paper to write. Exciting, oui? J'ai... sorry, lapse in concentration. I'm hungry! And I have Koda Kumi stuck in my head. All day it's been Jay Chou. I can't have anything normal stuck in my head, not even English. It has to be something weird. Especially Jay Chou. Who listens to Chinese pop besides me? He's like the Justin Timberlake of China. I should be ashamed.

(Check out "Jie Khou", it's my favourite.)

Blah. Five minutes 'till dinner. Then, afterwards, Leadership paper. (By the way, if ever you're given the choice to take a Leadership class... don't.) Tomorrow my schedule's pretty much manual labour in Theatre Tech lab. I'll be sore and achey by the end of the day, I can feel it. And then tomorrow night I have to go see Proof (the play, not the movie). Wait, did I say, "have to"? I mean, "get to"!

What a Freudian slip.

Alright, I'm going to go and acquaint myself with some powder and chapstick. And then, fast food. Yum yum!

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